As a flower vibrational energy shifter I transmit the message of the flowers to your heart.

Come to be

It’s not going to get any easier but it sure can get more joyful! So how do we stay true to ourselves when the dramas around us make us feel we need to sacrifice our needs to be true to our friends and those we love. Orange Ixora helps to replace the feeling of sacrifice with an attitude for gratitude. Ixora serves as an amplifier towards the choice we made for the development of our Own relationship consciousness. It’s so hard to cut loose from those not yet ready to let go of an old drama and ego filled paradigm that keeps its grip at all cost. The new paradigm of love and acceptance is here. Ixora helps untangle the last cords that keep us bound to those that are acting out their process on you. orange-Ioxora-2 Come to be
orange-Ioxora-2 Come to beUn conditioning the ego on how you think another expects you to be is possibly the hardest thing to do. Sunflower shifts it to joy. Can you see that by looking at a sunflower?
The people around you who unburden themselves through you are being torn away from dysfunctional family and collective patterning they still hold on to. One of the reasons this process is so tedious and really not easy is because you want them to get it because there was a time they where so kind to you. What ever reasons you wish to stand by your suffering friend or loved one is- it’s a battle for you and them, a struggle and you want it to go away.
By connecting to your own needs from your own place of love you step up to your plate and the very things you desire can follow suit. The resistance dissolves and those around you can do their own part at their own time but no longer at the cost of yourself. Sacrificing your needs so those we love feel better is no longer an option.
It’s wild onion that peels this layer till your eyes are dropping pearls with love filled tears. You wish to help your suffering friend and can only be the observing bystander. Whereas in the past you where tempted to come with well intended advice. This time the wise onion speaks to you inwards. Reverse,reverse.
Connect to your inner source and not the outer source that feeds the game. The welcome shift is brought about by Boneset. She brings softness and gentle kindness even in the hardest moments. Allow yourself to be and flow with it as you let go of the old. Coming to be in a new way is when the real powers you possess can surface while breaking free of the lingering memory that kept you in fear.

Now Gardenias vibration can form the deep connections of grace filled love you wish for yourself! Make it all about you while you are unconditioning the ego identification that shaped your ideas that an outer needs your help. The reality becomes clear that the way you interact within all relationships are up for revision. I speak energetically and fully realize your unconsciousness does not realize what’s happening these days. Trust me here with these flower codes you can shift the vibration and the dynamics will shift. Gardenia offers opportunities to choose to leave behind dysfunctional patterns that stop your growth. Gardenia awakens a deep compassion within you that reshapes your inner original joy infinity (8) pattern to perfection. (tip the 8 horizontally and let that flash it’s magic around) From there your inner relationships shift and connects you to-all those who make your heart sing.

Remember the future

The Red Trillium vibration brings clarity as to how to be with our relationships this week.

We’re in new territory and I too have to just feel my way through.
Trillium tells us that blending the combination of intelligence, love and taking a stance of spiritual will makes for Involution! Trillium energy helps integrate the evolutionary process of our universe at large that each of you are experiencing in a personal unique way. Connecting your personal selves to the planets and the universe is the unified field that is in the Remember the future
The 3 stages of Red Trillium teach us how first things needed to be understood through intelligence. The 2nd aspect) love and wisdom are making their presence felt by uncovering those dark corners called our shadow side. Once you get those 2 down we move to the next phase and look inward. This is where the third aspect appears: The manifestation of spiritual will.
Trillium speaks of the triangle formed when these three lines of energy have merged within a person yet have a differing and greatly varying vibrational effectiveness. Trillium is the one this week that will lessen the confusion once you understand that you are in fact merging all the above timelines within yourself. This manifestation happens inwards through all your outer interactions.
It is a new path indicated by Horsetail with the inner knowing that there is no wrong or right direction to take.
So called mistakes must happen if you want to find out what is the right course to take and Periwinkle welcomes a playful attitude on this red-trillium-5x5 Remember the futurediscovery road to new positive horizons. Always choose what feels true to you. Allow yourself to be daring when you feel out and play with the options that are presented. Trust that this process is supported with the soft and gentle energy of Marshmallow. Let the mallow shift you into trusting the possibilities that bring flexibility to the heart. Flowers are so poetic and Mallow sings its song from my heart to yours. It teaches you that your heart is a receptive portal and does not need to be closed by a wall or barrier because someone is on a different timeline than yours. Marshmallow is my personal power plant. There’s a power in Marshmallow so soft. It takes away the aggressive dominance that naturally dismantles self blame. It is a world filled with amazing grace.


Take a Stance

Echinacea Take a StanceThis week we scratch beyond that ego surface where Echinacea comes in to help properly bind us to a Divine template. Another deeper dive inwards brings clarity as to what relationships of our past where true and others so very false.
The false beliefs of who you thought you where also connected you to relationships and jobs or situations that do not fit in the new collective structure. It can be a confusing, emotional and painful process that I hope you can understand happens because ego resistance is powerful. It puts up a fight you do not have to engage in but it will do everything to draw you in.
When you are clear to yourself you will no longer allow the ego to rule. Star of Bethlehem keeps you strong and holds you during this huge adjustment while echinacea keeps spinning you in the direction to perfection.Echinacea Take a Stance

Keep in mind that the letting go process of identification through ego attachment has to be recognized by you. (If you try updating the biofield with an ego attachment it will not work.) Echinacea’s vibration is the energetic “make up remover” in front of our very eyes, The “self image’ of who you thought you where is revealing, uncovering and stripping you naked. Nothing of that ego self is who you thought was you. What we see is both the ugly and the beautiful. And out of the ugly comes the beautiful.

You are facing spiritual adjustment into the eye right now. Beautiful new opportunities are surfacing. True honorable relationships are becoming deeper through your biggest upheavals. Taking a clear stance to let your spirit guide your actions instead of your ego is key. Star of Bethlehem helps you stay stable as you commit to your true needs instead of an-others wants. It can only happen through the expansion from within. A conscious step that only you can take must take place if you want to bring the outer into unity from within. Echinacea’s vibration helps to anchor your intentions. It properly connects your physical body with your auric field and bio field. That in turn connects with all the layers outside of you further and further and further.

You are not alone. Nature is here to help.