As a flower vibrational energy shifter I transmit the message of the flowers to your heart.

The 11th hour? Grounding the 11th Chakra

The strong safe feminine energy of the blooming Thrinax Palm exudes a freedom of choice. Over and over again this particular IMG_1770 The 11th hour? Grounding the 11th Chakra
vibration of the Thrinax palm appears in support of the growth process while we learn to build mature interactions one step at a time. She pours it over you in an offering of expanded awareness. It speaks to and strengthens the 11th #chakra union  within you. Feeling out this newness has a feel of uncertainty to it. So if you feel unstable and are tempted to go back to old familiar tendencies, bring in harmonizing intentions of acceptance and self validation. It is in the #spritual Clearing blend for this reason. 


A serpent and Snakehead vibration

My personal encounter with this precious lily was on an energetic level. During a meditation a few years ago the energy of this lily made her appearance known. Deep in meditation suddenly two serpents intertwined around one another began rising up my spine. I just sat there and thought it was the coolest thing ever to see 2 coiling serpents reach the top of my head. One would think a cobra head would seal the deal over my crown. To my surprise there was no cobra head that appeared. Instead a deep purple flower hung over my crown like a lantern. I’d not seen it before. 
By chance 2 days later I saw that same flower in a post on Facebook and looked up it’s name: Here she is “Snakeshead” is the name of course and it sure fooled me!

in this time as we spiral upwards we need all the help we can get. 
Ask her to help you align and embrace your unique set of values.