Integrating your human original DNA codes with flower vibrations

Space clearing workshop

Thursday, October 19. 2017

6:30 – 9:00pm

cost: $25 per person

Learn to create your own sacred space and the best way to set conscious intent on the qualities of your relationship that you value the most with a simple space clearing technique. Using flower essence sprays as a tool to revitalize stuck energies that become imprinted over time in the walls, furniture, and other objects in the spaces we occupy.

Using flower spiritual blends specifically created to bring more sacredness into your life by choosing the right combination for any situation. They will propel you to the farthest reaches of your goals, while uplifting energy to the spirit.


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These days we seem at a loss where to go when the collective fear based energies challenge our feeling of safety. Pickerelweed helps to detach from the ego illusion that makes us cling to the outer world for security. Its vibration brings you inwards from where you can detach from the emotions of someone else’s fears. When those who attempt to pull us back into a fear based illusion keep us in a holding pattern. Pickerelweed is the red flag indicator for those who wait for someone or something other than themselves to change. The more the truth surfaces the more the need to turn to our inner resources is required. Nanche tree is there to remind us to center oneself. It is here to fully support our transition while we adapt to learning how to relly on our inner resources. The old way is falling apart in order for the new to appear. It helps you to connect to your soul source which is designed for you to be loved in your creative, unique way and valued for who you are by allowing the passion of what you reallly came here for can shine. It’s the Sahrlight Blend Strength full message.
What is really causing this chaos from a higher perspective? If I understand the vibration of the flowering Cannabis well enough remains to be seen but I’ll give it a shot. And please tune in and add your thoughts on this too.
Many are still living from a 6th sense that taught us how to use and follow our intuition. What’s changed in our new time line is that the lessons on how to use our 6th sense are complete and have integrated (for most of us ).
Now that our 6th sense (that connects to the 6th ray) is already a part of us and has developed to it’s fullest we are developing to the next level! The 6th ray is now withdrawing so we can evolve to the next level. (Keep in mind that there are some who did not mature to this level are returning to illusion or simply losing it).
The shift is so recent that a majority still lives from the 6th sense premise and staying in a holding pattern there. Pickerelweed is to help you there for those moments when it feels you are falling behind.
Cannabis helps to bridge you up to the next level – from our 6th sense we can now develop and begin to use use our inner resources.
The old energy shift in the midst of our plans broke the energetic patterns so that the way we look at someone/thing outer is no longer objective. While this causes great confusion we are beginning to see that it is the path of our evolution. We are simply developing further and it is our inner knowing that is now pushed forward.

Set free what lies in the shadow

Set free that what lies in the shadow .

Canadian-Thistle-5x5 Set free what lies in the shadow
I notice that Canada Thistle keeps appearing for us all. It shows us that the patterns we keep running away from is our pain or shadow side that will keep re appearing till faced. Challenges are an opportunity for growth. Our life circumstances are meant to awaken us so we become aware of our soul personality instead of identifying with our ego personality.

Canadian-Thistle-5x5 Set free what lies in the shadowSweetpea embraces the new world we are awakening to. During the process of releasing the past we create room for the beauty of the self to be revealed. We begin to understand suffering is brought on as a self created unconscious problem. The conditioning of our personalities has split us of the truth of who we are. Sweetpea is there to connect you to the the truth of the power of love that lies within each of us. From the the power of love we can allow presumable unpleasant issues to surface so they can be addressed. They are meant to awaken us so we become aware of our Soul personality instead of identifying with our ego personality.

Horsetail unravels the traditional identification that the viewpoint of who you think you are is not who you are. By taking out the view of the self you can take in what the other has to say — yet you need not agree. No longer identifying with your viewpoint makes it easier to respect everyones individual journey. Understanding that each persons path differs from yours and holds equal validity will give you insight that therein lies our power to create unification. Meanwhile allow the mystery of life to guide you.

The law of Vibration

“We are the same as plants, as trees, as other people, as the rain that falls. We consist of that which is around us, we are the same as everything.”

Gautama BuddhaIMG_0579 The law of Vibration

While I sat under the mango tree when living on Roatan island the mango tree, in full bloom brought me an amazing awareness of the interconnectedness of all things. It was a powerful experience where I got complete clarity on what really motivates me.
Mango’s vibration is here to bring insights how all our interactions are connected. The richness of life becomes palpable through this interaction.
IMG_0579 The law of VibrationCombine the gentleness of Mango’s vibration with the purple Thunbergia Grandiflora and the last bit of doubt or confusion about the direction many of us are pushed to go will evaporate. The purple Thunbergia vibration makes us look at upheaval from a different perspective. Could it be that the upheaval in our world is not the real source of our discomfort? If we keep playing the old game to stay in someones favor or out of fear to rock our boat we also keep denying ourselves from hearing the truth. A distortion of reality is easily created when we keep abiding to others agendas.Yet there’s beauty surfacing in the midst of the upheaval that is forcing our worlds into a new direction. Thunbergia Grandiflora says that the real cause of our inner discomfort is not the outer circumstance. Instead the cause of the friction is because your real personal identity is surfacing and you’re not sure what to do with it. ( No anti depressant will be able to temper that discomfort btw. )

Heliconia comes in to unravel your thoughts that like to lead us astray. It tell us it’s time to stopIMG_0579 The law of Vibration avoiding our inner calling even if that mind makes you think it’s impossible to make your own changes from within. Over time we’ve become confused about our real choices. Heliconia asks you to go where your hearts tells you to go and not let outer circumstances deter you. It takes courage to break old traditions and shake up your comfort zone. In the midst of our changing world White Peony helps break through the fear patterns so you get to see that you’re already perfect just as you are.

IMG_0579 The law of Vibration
One last vibration that will connect you fully to life so you wil not want to leave home without it! When things are falling apart – do not despair. Add some Silk Tree Mimosa to the mix. This will help keep the spirit calm and allow the prana flow to direct you to stay the course and follow your life calling.

Cannabis flower speaks

IMG_6025 Cannabis flower speaks

From letting go of our Ego mind to connecting to our higher heart Cannabis tells us we can let that heart direct us to where the ego dares not go. Once we do follow our heart our intuition can finally merge with the mind. This is what all the feminine – masculine or yin and yang talk is all about.
Cannabis shows us where we become  overly dependent  on the  mind to direct us. It finds a pathway so that without effort our intuition can become the new way to guide us to our true destination.

When cannabis vibration appears in your personal read — rest assured limitless possibilities are around the corner. How this manifests differs for each of us. Here are a few pointers: Cannabis is for those that are ready to use their own energy powerfully and efficiently. When we drop the need to let our ego dictate that things in our  outside worlds need to change because we Think they should. Cannabis flower essence energetically opens up  your higher vision and makes it easier to see change happens from within. From there you  can see all your dreams manifest at the perfect time.  Going with the flow sharpens your insights naturally and this guides you exactly where you need to be.

Drop the ego and see the miracles unfold.


Schomburgkia-Orchid-5x5 GAME OVER

Schomburgkia Orchid has always been my least favorite flower vibration to work with. I have devastating memories when I personally worked with it for over a year after I embarked ( and resisted ) on a new soul journey. I call it the Game over orchid.
Here’s what I wrote about it in 2013-Schomburgkia: For those that are in a co-created agreement with you. An agreement that must be broken. It brings the realization that this agreement is kept in place with your participation. These agreements have offered lessons that are now part of the past. Once these lessons are learned it brings clarity that those co – created agreements oppose our process. So you got to let them go… The role of victim is not part of the creation of our new earth. It heps you redefine yourselves by becoming more true in what is expressed in relationships and in the world. And btw: Don’t forget to thank those that choose to stay behind in the old time line as well.

We all get to choose to build a new world of living in unity or to stay in a world that separates. This group is to create a field that connects us with each other energetically to uplift and strengthen our collective consciousness. Yet how do we cope with our surrounding and let go of those that choose to stay in a dual world that upholds conflict?
The King Protea flower that grows in South Africa found me actually and we fell in synch. It became as big as the earth. The integration of this energy expanded the awareness from my inner core outward and further around the globe while I became one with its protective shield. Tuning into the Kings Protea’s flower codes geometry from across the globe showed me how we can and are integrating our individual powers into creation of a new unified field.

Schomburgkia-Orchid-5x5 GAME OVERBladder Camion helps us stay the course while we watch the world around us run in the same circles by putting up a fight, wanting to prove the other wrong one more time with dominance. While the old ways have to come undone it is Bladder Camion energy in this group that assists to keeps us steady. Bladder camions energy helps us individuals soften and that becomes your power as it was always intended. Forging forward towards the explosive Jewelweed in this case when the breaks in the seams of the collective contracts are bursting. Something has to give — like an explosion that knocks you of your feet. Hopefully the tension release creates instant calm so the new fresh energy that will free up can be put to good use. Besides that Jewelweed -( Impatience) serves as a catalyst to bring you the knowledge all answers are found within.


IMG_4583 MindsetMINDSET
It is time to release the pressure we place on ourselves by expecting our outer world to bring about the inner change we want. Periwinkle brings and uplifts us with her joy filled energy shift. It shows us how we can positively use the lessons we learned from the past in a whole new way. It’s never been done before this way!  Finally the time has come for you to use the gifts you tucked away so deep. When we think the other person or the outer condition needs to change will solve all our problems Birdsfoot trefoil begs to differ. Wouldn’t it be great if the other person changes so that we won’t have to! You and me both have tried that often enough and it’s never worked.

Still hovering and playing it safe?  Witch-hazel’s encouraging vibration brings in clarity how commit to   making ourselves a priority in meeting by meeting our own needs. The collective vibrational patterning embedded in our cultures around outer conditioned beliefs and expectations that steered us away from our true destiny is unburdened by Hydrangea.IMG_4583 Mindset It supports us all to let go of the pattern of forsaking ourselves to meet someone else’s needs. It gives us the strength to move forward by having the courage to set our own needs first.
When we base our personal needs on someone else’s expectations us courageous ones can use the energy of witch hIMG_4583 Mindsetazel that sheds light how we’re letting ourselves down. Witch hazel tells us it is safe to step into a whole new way of being. It encourages us to break away from the old way of living by someone else’s choices that keeps you dependent while also keeping you in the shadow of your personal power.

I don’t know about you but when it comes to setting my own needs first I still find myself wanting to skip that part. Instead I run ahead of myself by wanting to know an outcome. This creates inner uncertainty that results in nervous tension. It’s not possible to know everything ahead of time; (how,what, when, where) but it can sure keep us busy and unfocused. Uncertainty about the unknown creates a vibration of restlessness. White Chestnut comes to the rescue as a reminder there is no need to put ourselves under so much pressure. Instead the vibration of white chestnut creates a heartfelt consciousness shift from where everything becomes calm in the moment. Step into that moment and feel the pressure go away. The unknown is no longer important. White Chestnut shows us to trust th

at the unknown outcome will be positively perfect. All becomes safe in a calm expanded state. From here make the connection with our higher self and feel that things starts to open up and flow naturally. Trust the right time and answers will be presented at an unknown time. It always turns out that way and I can attest to it on a daily basis. Yet still at times I too need to be reminded and go full circle back to the vibration of Periwinkle. It shows us that from a place of trusting the unknown perfect outcome we can enjoy the flow of this journey.IMG_4583 Mindset

“If you want peace upon earth first establish peace in your heart. If you want union in the world, first unify the different parts of your own being. Change yourself and the circumstances will change.”
The mother

It’s just a new moment

It’s just a new moment
We’re in the midst of realigning to a unified field which is much more than a personal process yet we are all personally held accountable.
We’re face to face with ourselves in clearing outworn patterns on an individual level. Bleeding heart asks to be gentle with ourselves while we come to terms with the truth that there is no turning back. IMG_0825 It's just a new momentApple of Sodom helps to keep it light up and see things in perspective. It’s a vibration I made when I was one of the few people visiting Egypt in April of 2014. This energy returns you to a sense of belonging here on earth as part of the whole which makes you see your own personal power.
IMG_0825 It's just a new momentElecampagne gives you confidence to break free from situations, surroundings and people that stop you from having a positive outlook of the new life you wish to create.

We are bringing the focus to a new way which means surrounding ourselves with people and situations in support of this journey.

White pine guidance comforts us when ready to release long held repressed emotions that need to be acknowledged. Because some of this is so deeply tucked away – along comes Herkimer Diamond. It is one of the only 2 gem elixers I ever made. It is perfect in bringing re occurring patterns to the fore front. It magnifies guidance from our unseen friends but also sheds light onto that what you do not wish to see or have kept hidden as a secret. So out the door with that secret because once acknowledged your power can be restored. If you do this personally it serves all of us!
(As a side note: We are of course talking power through love and not power through control). This Herkimer diamond energy creates a dimensional shift that assists in finding your personal inner sacred space.
Supported by Yellow Buckwheat you begin to see beyond the illusion so you can more easily release the facade.
With our hearts open where we feel safe to choose to be in genuine surroundings we can communicate and achieve in ways that unite us. In this state we will attract a new way through co creation in a transparent way. It’s called the Sweet Chestnut state by Bach and it comes up today at the beginning of our transformation into a new reality.IMG_0825 It's just a new moment
It’s all LOVE.

Changed minds.

Changed minds.

White-Frangipani-5x5 Changed minds.Our identity remains the same yet our reality towards what is true and who we are has shifted. Like it or not.
We got a long way to go is what I thought when I felt all this resistance of our collective human race trying to go back to the ways that where. Frangipane takes you beyond the fear based threat used to try to keep us in it’s grip. It pushes us out of the resistance that stops us from accepting a new way of being through self acceptance without the need for approval. Only then will you see you no longer feel the need to play the game of acceptance. We’ve been made believe that the need for acceptance by others is used as a part of changing minds. We’ve all been conditioned to do this. We all want to be accepted and we where taught to adjust our ways to do so. We’ve been taught how to use acceptance as a reward for behaving well and use rejection as a punishment for doing the wrong thing. Very Collective. Very Low vibration. Excellently exploited by cults, religions, companies and our current president who uses this to coerce people into confusion that result in triggering our behavior.

Frangipane helps to connect with ourselves on a soul level so that from our own core without the need of approval we can see truth from false.

White-Frangipani-5x5 Changed minds.Spatterdock lily energy is here to assist and bring balance as the old world crumbles and the new has begun to fall into place. Some might think that they are in control but that is an illusion. It’s becoming apparent that the truth will surface by shifting our focus inward. Only then will a lightbulb switch on with a renewed sense of time and a relaxed sense of importance. That the path of humanities evolution is unfolding according to a much bigger plan will put your mindset at ease.

We all have ups and downs in refraining to impulsively become reactive during this particular time. Understand this too is in line with the rhythm of the earth changes. It feels like waves of energy that come and go. By staying away from the dramas around you and staying centered in your own heart center no harm will come you.

In the midst of allowing our ego’s to over rule us with the stupid idea that we must win when things don’t go the way we want – Pau D’Arco makes sure that our reactive behavior becomes less impulsive. It asks us to not so easily allow ourselves to be distracted into the story that all is doomed. Interacting with this low based collective energy seen acted out through politics becomes less heated when you choose to disconnect/ disengage from it. Choosing to disengage from an energy that is too low will relieve irritation and reactivity and greatly assist in easing this difficult transition that must take place. Instead allow for a natural flow that makes it is easier to purge all that no longer serves and stands in the way of our unified growth.White-Frangipani-5x5 Changed minds.

A new set of values

We’re reversing and adjusting to a new circle that comes with new traits. It’s as if we’re forced to the point where we must let go of old values imposed on us through outer attachment.

The beginning of this new cycle does not accept anything not in truth for our highest good. Anything not for our higher good can not exist in the new time line and it is this letting go of the old ways that we’re struggling with right now.
It’s a rather unstable feeling and not an easy time at all.Pau d’arco brings understanding that this instability when seen in its true light is needed to uproot the deepest irritations within each of us. Irritations that must come to the surface with the sole purpose of presenting us with new possibilities. Pau D’arco assists in the process of integrating the truth so you will start to depend on our own inner voice.

Oleander-5x5-1 A new set of valuesOne of the key traits of the new era is the understanding we’ve entered a period of group consciousness. Subconscious patterning of serving ourselves individually is falling apart at the seams because it belongs to the past. Oleander takes away the tit for tat. It insist’s we work together for the betterment of the “whole” world in unification. With that we must accept a new way of serving and how we’re allowing ourselves to be served. I mean things like: Giving into what another wants while disregarding your own needs etc. Oleander helps us to get in touch with that part within oneself many of us reject. Oleander makes you accept and see that when we diminish ourselves on a personal level it does not serve the good of the whole.

All of us are experiencing these changes on some level.
The nurturing energy of a blooming cashew adds another scenario of how our intentions get confused. When we intend to want to help another but do so out of guilt or obligation. Sooner or later it will end up being a loose/loose for both parties. Yet when we do something because we know it is the right thing to do, it benefits both sides. Again we are learning to work together for the betterment of all. It demands honesty but here too we are shown that everyone and everything wins! Doing what we know in our heart is the right thing is not fun or convenient, but when you look back after the fact, you’ll see how much freer you become. Oleander-5x5-1 A new set of values
It’s a personal and internal decision to value yourself. It’s a decision only you can make. The  blend “I am Love” supports this choice. All that doubt we ourselves create is lifted when using this blend as well. It brings you back to the belief that you are deserving. It allows the transformation of misalignment back to its original perfection. “I am Love” makes it easy to see you are deserving and will always be provided for.

Oleander-5x5-1 A new set of valuesPinto Peanut flower balances the giving and receiving within us. It’s a dance that continues. Jack in the Pulpit confirms this again this week. This time here to help you strengthen or regain your ties with untainted values.
After centuries of patriarchal oppression of the feminine. Pau D’arco also sheds light on what is truly valuable versus how the vibrations around domination within intimate relations or situations can no longer be upheld. Some of us fail to see that the struggle is over. We’re still being hard on ourselves by focussing on what we think is expected of us. Oleander-5x5-1 A new set of valuesIt is why Forget me Not appears.  Her vibration makes us see not to forget to accept our shadow side. Fully accepting all sides of our personality is what completes us just as we are. You are Perfect! When you raise your vibration it can feel as if you are abandoning self but it’s a part of integrating self acceptance. Forget me Not assures you that you are supported; when saying no to some one makes you feel bad about yourself, or when saying goodbye to what no longer works makes you feel guilty, or in a last attempt to maintain the old status quo that no longer works, or when old friends make you feel guilty about your chosen path.
Or …. when we give ourselves permission to finally just say yes to ourselves out of the love for ourselves.