Integrating your human original DNA codes with flower vibrations

Flower Consultations

During a consultation I use flower vibrations that will help to identify and recognize your purpose. At its core, your purpose is the essence of who you are. Using the vibrations of flowers what lies dormant in your unconscious is uncovered. Once you uncover your unconscious you can begin to translate purpose into action. This process begins when you want to better understand what you came here to do.

Under my guidance using flowers energy through the souls connection makes it easy to fall in synch with the rhythm of your heart. When I transmit the flower vibrations to you on a soul level you get a clear sense of who you are. It’s that simple, yet still it takes courage and it is hard work.  A natural flow follows that takes you into a direction from where all begins to fall into place. Along the way you can refine your full potential and get more clarity how to make full use of the goals that aspire to your higher purpose. Connecting with the realm of flowers shift, change, and create a positive lasting impact in every aspect of your life.

“Ancient sacred wisdom that you once knew through the flower vibrations transmissions are brought to you to restore harmony in all of life.” The Hathors



pixel Flower Consultations

pixel Flower ConsultationsScheduling an appointment is easy:
Email: to request a time.Once the time is set we ask you send in your payment in order to confirm the date and time. You will also be given a phone number to call on the day of the appointment.

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