Flower Consultations

IMG_3252 Flower Consultations

What to expect: 

Working with flower will help you to identify and recognize a refreshing positive new perspective of your life direction. We begin with the uncovering what has been lying dormant in your unconscious beyond your conditioned personality.

Flowers vibrations bring about a natural alchemical transformation process, making it easier to fall in synch with the rhythm of your heart. Consider it to be more like a dance where all  becomes harmonious allowing all to come into alignment in your inner and outer worlds.  Once the  clearing is underway the integration process with the guidance of flowers begins. Healing and self nurturing is also part of this process that takes you to get more clarity of who you really are. A natural flow continues to take you  each step of the way into the direction unique to you. Your full potential comes on board that goes hand in hand with  more clarity how to make full use of the goals that aspire to your higher purpose. 

Connecting with the realms of  flowers shift, change, and create a positive lasting impact in every aspect of your life.

“Ancient sacred wisdom that you once knew through the flower vibrations transmissions are brought to you to restore harmony in all of life.” The Hathors




 Dosage bottle not included.  If you would like to order a dosage bottle in addition to the one hour consultation you can use the drop down button above. 
IMG_3252 Flower Consultations

IMG_3252 Flower ConsultationsScheduling an appointment is easy:
Email: annemarie@sahrlight.com to request a time. Once the time is set we ask you send in your payment in order to confirm the date and time. You will also be given a phone number to call on the day of the appointment.

Be Light!


For all other inquiries:

IMG_3252 Flower Consultations