Integrating your human original DNA codes with flower vibrations


The next Live Unity call will be held on Thursday  May 31, 2018

Stick to your commitment

Our whole being and energetic frequencies are undergoing changes. Transforming our inner reality from a place of receptivity can be challenging when we come in contact with anything that is not of the same frequency. The intent set for the call is to shift the inner frequency vibration from defense towards inner acceptance. 

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You are registered to participate in the Live Unity Call on May 31 after signing up via Paypal.


4:00 p.m (Pacific time)
7:00 p.m (Eastern time)
6:00 p.m (Central time)pixel Events


At times groups of people take the road together to support each other for a longer or shorter duration of time. The live Unity call allows everyone to become conscious of a network of assistance that is available to each of us. It is there for those who choose to find inspiration and connect on a soul level with the common goal of striving to live in peace and joy in each moment.

We all have the choice to stay committed to our choices. Old triggers and conditioning can easily lead us astray. On this soul journey we do at times unconsciously fall back in the trap of conditioned acting or acting out. During our  growth process  we can all use a helping hand.  To keep the flow of living free and in the now the consciousness of flowers wish to serve humanity. On each call you will experience a sense of safety directly transmitted from flowers to you. The intent when connected to the live Unity call is for all to feel free to energetically receive, express and experience our unique individual different nature. However different your feelings and views are within the group, the story no longer matters.

No one arrives, no one departs

no one wins or loses

no one is judged because we are all one and the same.

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If you are consciously participating in the creation of a new time, if you do believe in another dimension is available to tap into and  that we are able to create unity together as a soul group then I invite you to join the live Unity call whenever you please. Let the energy of flowers lend the helping hand to guide you on this soul journey.

 I look forward to connect with you! Annemarie



Thursday, May 31

Sunday, June 9

You will be emailed a Teleconference Dial in Number (USA) after payment is received.  (This can take 48 hours)

On the day of the call pick your time to join us on the teleconference based on your time zone:

You can  join the call by following these simple instructions:

At the scheduled date and time of the meeting, dial into the teleconference line.

  • When prompted, enter the meeting ID.
  • Me, Annemarie and the other callers will meet you on the line.
  • The conference will begin promptly at the designated time.

A call in phone number will be emailed to you  24 hours after signing up.

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