(Plantago Major) has to do with the world waking up to a new day rising. It purges out the negative that wants to stop humanity from unifying as one whole. We are forced into making the conscious choice to let go of a negative thinking pattern that interferes with creating a positive environment.
Injustice will keep happening till we face the illusion hidden behind the fallacy that someone will save us and restore what we’ve lost. Connect to your own truth and not someone else’s. Unless you want to stay stuck in the old. It is up to each of us individually to shift our attention inwards with setting the intent to a positive outlook – outcome. We are offered the chance to get real with ourselves and can choose to not get pulled into drama.  

Plantago Major essence is here to bring the focus back to connect to the unified field.  Focus on what you would like to create next round because there lies our power. Let go of projecting fear based illusionary outcomes. You create the outcome  you focus on yourself. You are the one who creates the outcome you focus on so make it positive and filled with joy. Collectively you are that powerful and if the focus is on the negative … it becomes it. Likewise if you shift to the positive it becomes it.  If enough people buy into the fear it wins. If the same people focus on the joy it wins. What is it that keeps us so hooked into that fear?? Primal basic survival. Primal basic lower energies no longer need to be fed by you.If enough people buy into the fear it wins. If the same people focus on the joy it wins. What is it that keeps us so hooked into that fear?? Primal basic survival. Primal basic lower energies no longer need to be fed by you.If enough people buy into the fear it wins. If the same people focus on the joy it wins. What is it that keeps us so hooked into that fear?? Primal basic survival. Primal basic lower energies no longer need to be fed by you. Plantago-Major-5x5

Take a moment to sit and connect with Plantago Major and feel her energy. Feel an untangling like a knot in a rope. No one taught you how powerful unseen energy is but it is and we forgot. So pick up your power and start creating your world in harmony.

Plantago energy is here to help you to re-adjusts the course that is hard to adjust to. Before you know it detours on the road become straight and all once again flows. It connects you to a positive grid.

Fear does one thing, it stops us from connecting within.

And need I remind you that bitterness only makes our sense of injustice grow. It does nothing to heal the wound caused by the injustice. But in the end it keeps us from connecting with ourselves.

Step by step guide to keep heads cool with Manroot

A step by step guide on how the vibration of Manroot helps keep your heads cool.

Imagine yourself to be that green ball in the picture with the cords coming out of your solar plexus. As you can tell the cords are not finding anything outside there to hold on to. They are entangled over the ages with each others stories in the search for something or IMG_7726 Step by step guide to keep heads cool with Manrootsomeone to hold on to.

Manroot comes along when it is time to let go of a support system that no longer is. The clean up is well under way and the true story is becoming untangled with it. It can be frightful to not find out that our outer support system is not in our best interest. Cords  of our  our lineage we where conditioned to believe we needed on have also bound us to a false belief of who we are. Once untangles they can be disconnected one person at a time. Its “cool”and scary at the same time. Because we are pointed to inner self reliance and that’s the cool outcome or the new hot thing depending how you deal with it. 

Soon you will understand that in a walnut shell we are letting go of a very very old supportive dependency system that slowly turned the pattern into poverty consciousness. We are getting support when we want to free ourselves of the illusionary mind constructed story that was carried down over the ages.

And the ship is not sinking. How do I know this so well? Well, I am like this wild cucumber and have broken out of the old chain. After lots of kicking and screaming I saw that there was no other way. When  I surrendered the walnut shell became my boat. Walnut is all about change and you too will paddle through the storm to your inner shore.  With her help you won’t sink. Some of us are just out here to test the waters and nature will stand by all the way on this journey.  We are all learning to trust the process of life will take us where we need to be.

See the pretty white flowers in the 2nd image? That is the flower of the same Manroot cucumber like plant. These show us how linked we all are.  We needed our past generations to get us where are today. That cycle has ended and the strings are no longer going to find an outer source to continue building our future on.  The illusion we all know the Mayas referred  as the illusion has ended. The world will continue in a whole new way.  It’s all brilliant and so incredulously annoying at the same time.

Stay cool and wishing you all smooth sailing.

AngelicaIMG_7726 Step by step guide to keep heads cool with Manroot


Daffodil speaks to deeper levels of ‘resignation’.  It asks you to go within and face the fear to address on how you see things versus stomping out when someone wants to  hear something else. Daffodil helps reconstruct of 2 different point of views so we can continue to communicate with greater transparency without dismissing yourself! Just because others may not agree with what you say does not mean that your or their beliefs are wrong.

Speak up and reconnect to your true voice with daffodil. Give yourself permission to be awkward as you begin to speak up. This is not an easy transition to make. But blaming others for not doing it “your way” when you are not willing to express what you want does not work.   At first you may you may not get your point across ( which does not mean  you have to to  being right. If that is the case you are identifying with the personality mind based construct)  When speaking up from your heart there is no need to apologize for your opinion. Many different points of views can come together as one.  Invite the Daffodil  to energetically do its work when needed. From that point Daffodil will assist you when you least expect it.  daffodil-5x5-21 Daffodil

Cannabis flower speaks

IMG_6025 Cannabis flower speaks

From letting go of our Ego mind to connecting to our higher heart Cannabis tells us we can let that heart direct us to where the ego dares not go. Once we do follow our heart our intuition can finally merge with the mind. This is what all the feminine – masculine or yin and yang talk is all about.
Cannabis shows us where we become  overly dependent  on the  mind to direct us. It finds a pathway so that without effort our intuition can become the new way to guide us to our true destination.

When cannabis vibration appears in your personal read — rest assured limitless possibilities are around the corner. How this manifests differs for each of us. Here are a few pointers: Cannabis is for those that are ready to use their own energy powerfully and efficiently. When we drop the need to let our ego dictate that things in our  outside worlds need to change because we Think they should. Cannabis flower essence energetically opens up  your higher vision and makes it easier to see change happens from within. From there you  can see all your dreams manifest at the perfect time.  Going with the flow sharpens your insights naturally and this guides you exactly where you need to be.

Drop the ego and see the miracles unfold.