Become defenseless

Become Defenseless this week
This weeks vibrations are speaking to a need to slow down and allow things to unfold without much doing. If we wait without rushing forward, that which is not yet visible will open up to the Light. This is not quite the time for action. The end of the tunnel is not quite visible but there are signs that new times are arriving. If you forge ahead In this premature timing you might be asking for more trouble. It’s a turning point we have entered.
May apple tells us to be vigilant when timing isn’t synchronized for highest good. This week requires calm energy for timing to be synchronized. Now is not the time to rush in before the full picture is aligned. Are you done with

Pussy willow is out everywhere and you can just feel her softness and fluidity. Take the invitation to open to pleasure. When you still feel stuck or some one tries to make you return to rigid or dominant ways of “breaking down the house” so to speak remember that will not work. Trying to convince outer parties of any wrong doing is also no longer the norm. Leave them be and forgive what some can not see.
It’s become easier to let go of situations or those that have chosen to not take the leap forward that presented the opportunity to evolve within these past month . We’ve all had the chance and some need more time or will not follow at all.

I too have been confronted with letting go of those that helped me get this far and now are stopping my growth. It’s been difficult for many. The way forward with an open mind we can be more at ease in building true relationships which serve us rather than set us back. It is a time to begin or continue to enforce the true relationship with the self. You’ll be shown how along the way.
For extra support Sprinkle it all with
Lavender: for greater levels of adaptability and reliance to withstand our ever changing environmental conditions. It encourages us to protect and express our own inner truth and wisdom with clarity and confidence.
Take this After a deep traumatic healing took place that brought trauma to the surface. It brings comfort when the energy field is overwhelmed and unbalanced with the new way. Or when we need time to absorb the scope of the change. In the midst of healing it grounds you so you wont go back and repeat the same. Tells you not to hurry. Flow and allow it to take you to the right place in due time.

The energies of the flowers are transmitted to you on this page. Simply tune in and invite the flowers to do the work.