Fear must be overcome.

We are undergoing and trying to comprehend enormous change on all levels. There is nothing we can do to control the shifts in and around us.
While things are being turned upside down now is also your opportunity to start anew. Fetid adders tongue tells you that the disintegration of the past actually makes fertile ground for you to build a new beautiful life of a nurturing kind. Although the outer world sure might not seem to match that idea. Looks are deceiving. I was shown in a meditation in the redwoods how we are individually all able to find our place in the circle of life. Here in the redwood forest Fetid adders tongue transmitted its frequencies specific for these new times.
A clear new way is now being shown to us all. If only you allow the vibration to show you can chose to not struggle. Doors are opening to help manifest connections between groups of people who come together to focus on a common goal. By energetically reaching out to others in a collective way you can achieve a huge amount in terms of sharing your positive energy and passion while this helps overcome fear based manipulation in all corners where most needed. Unified action is the way to overcome all darkness so we can evolve. It is what this power flower is all about An energetic gateway has opened for each individual reading this. In this unified group alone this vibration expands your positive intentions so they manifest into reality.

The things we struggle with this week are helped with a few flowers you can pick from. Some fun names to match!
Blue Dicks is for letting go of control. The things asking for change yet you still resist to find the change within. Blue dicks helps you meet your challenge with calmness and no fear. Odd ailments and tensions that show up in our bodies looking for a way out are also being felt. Sit tight and find the resistance on a deep level within.
Pussy willow will show you how your strength lies in being gentle and vulnerable when you clean up your final act. Have patience and be the change yourself. Coconut tells you that you yourself are the remover of all obstacles. If need be I suggest you call in Lord Ganesha as well. Combined this will help to give you the energy to rise above every test. It shows us the value of seeing a challenge through to the core as difficult as this may be. Poet Robert Frost put it well: “The best way out is always through.” I too have learned my lessons and know it is the only way.
But we badly want this saga to end. Yet there is a right time for everything. Mayapple allows you to step back and not be in such a rush. This new era we have come into requires calm energy. Fear must be overcome and has no place in the new reality. Not everything is presenting itself to you yet. Behind the scenes there is more going on that you know. Those of us who want this change to manifest so badly forget it can only take hold when calm and relaxed and in confidence.

Will this then be our last look at trapped energy ready to be released? When old patterns you thought where gone because they on some level are not fully understood re- appear, Milkweed comes to the rescue. It shows you that you can free yourself from family lineage teachings. Give yourself permission to let go of the past ways where you sacrificed your creative abilities in favor of the group’s desires.
Indeed says Sweet pea — you are unique and awakening to new aspects of the self in line with who you truly are. The new you is unfolding for your highest good and you must let go of attachment to the outcome with trust. With an open heart the answers to the great mysteries are found within.