We’re reversing and adjusting to a new circle that comes with new traits. It’s as if we’re forced to the point where we must let go of old values imposed on us through outer attachment.

The beginning of this new cycle does not accept anything not in truth for our highest good. Anything not for our higher good can not exist in the new time line and it is this letting go of the old ways that we’re struggling with right now.
It’s a rather unstable feeling and not an easy time at all.Pau d’arco brings understanding that this instability when seen in its true light is needed to uproot the deepest irritations within each of us. Irritations that must come to the surface with the sole purpose of presenting us with new possibilities. Pau D’arco assists in the process of integrating the truth so you will start to depend on our own inner voice.

One of the key traits of the new era is the understanding we’ve entered a period of group consciousness. Subconscious patterning of serving ourselves individually is falling apart at the seams because it belongs to the past. Oleander takes away the tit for tat. It insist’s we work together for the betterment of the “whole” world in unification. With that we must accept a new way of serving and how we’re allowing ourselves to be served. I mean things like: Giving into what another wants while disregarding your own needs etc. Oleander helps us to get in touch with that part within oneself many of us reject. Oleander makes you accept and see that when we diminish ourselves on a personal level it does not serve the good of the whole.

All of us are experiencing these changes on some level.
The nurturing energy of a blooming cashew adds another scenario of how our intentions get confused. When we intend to want to help another but do so out of guilt or obligation. Sooner or later it will end up being a loose/loose for both parties. Yet when we do something because we know it is the right thing to do, it benefits both sides. Again we are learning to work together for the betterment of all. It demands honesty but here too we are shown that everyone and everything wins! Doing what we know in our heart is the right thing is not fun or convenient, but when you look back after the fact, you’ll see how much freer you become.
It’s a personal and internal decision to value yourself. It’s a decision only you can make. The  blend “I am Love” supports this choice. All that doubt we ourselves create is lifted when using this blend as well. It brings you back to the belief that you are deserving. It allows the transformation of misalignment back to its original perfection. “I am Love” makes it easy to see you are deserving and will always be provided for.

Pinto Peanut flower balances the giving and receiving within us. It’s a dance that continues. Jack in the Pulpit confirms this again this week. This time here to help you strengthen or regain your ties with untainted values.
After centuries of patriarchal oppression of the feminine. Pau D’arco also sheds light on what is truly valuable versus how the vibrations around domination within intimate relations or situations can no longer be upheld. Some of us fail to see that the struggle is over. We’re still being hard on ourselves by focussing on what we think is expected of us. It is why Forget me Not appears.  Her vibration makes us see not to forget to accept our shadow side. Fully accepting all sides of our personality is what completes us just as we are. You are Perfect! When you raise your vibration it can feel as if you are abandoning self but it’s a part of integrating self acceptance. Forget me Not assures you that you are supported; when saying no to some one makes you feel bad about yourself, or when saying goodbye to what no longer works makes you feel guilty, or in a last attempt to maintain the old status quo that no longer works, or when old friends make you feel guilty about your chosen path.
Or …. when we give ourselves permission to finally just say yes to ourselves out of the love for ourselves.