Changed minds.

Our identity remains the same yet our reality towards what is true and who we are has shifted. Like it or not.
We got a long way to go is what I thought when I felt all this resistance of our collective human race trying to go back to the ways that where. Frangipane takes you beyond the fear based threat used to try to keep us in it’s grip. It pushes us out of the resistance that stops us from accepting a new way of being through self acceptance without the need for approval. Only then will you see you no longer feel the need to play the game of acceptance. We’ve been made believe that the need for acceptance by others is used as a part of changing minds. We’ve all been conditioned to do this. We all want to be accepted and we where taught to adjust our ways to do so. We’ve been taught how to use acceptance as a reward for behaving well and use rejection as a punishment for doing the wrong thing. Very Collective. Very Low vibration. Excellently exploited by cults, religions, companies and our current president who uses this to coerce people into confusion that result in triggering our behavior.

Frangipane helps to connect with ourselves on a soul level so that from our own core without the need of approval we can see truth from false.

Spatterdock lily energy is here to assist and bring balance as the old world crumbles and the new has begun to fall into place. Some might think that they are in control but that is an illusion. It’s becoming apparent that the truth will surface by shifting our focus inward. Only then will a lightbulb switch on with a renewed sense of time and a relaxed sense of importance. That the path of humanities evolution is unfolding according to a much bigger plan will put your mindset at ease.

We all have ups and downs in refraining to impulsively become reactive during this particular time. Understand this too is in line with the rhythm of the earth changes. It feels like waves of energy that come and go. By staying away from the dramas around you and staying centered in your own heart center no harm will come you.

In the midst of allowing our ego’s to over rule us with the stupid idea that we must win when things don’t go the way we want – Pau D’Arco makes sure that our reactive behavior becomes less impulsive. It asks us to not so easily allow ourselves to be distracted into the story that all is doomed. Interacting with this low based collective energy seen acted out through politics becomes less heated when you choose to disconnect/ disengage from it. Choosing to disengage from an energy that is too low will relieve irritation and reactivity and greatly assist in easing this difficult transition that must take place. Instead allow for a natural flow that makes it is easier to purge all that no longer serves and stands in the way of our unified growth.