It’s just a new moment
We’re in the midst of realigning to a unified field which is much more than a personal process yet we are all personally held accountable.
We’re face to face with ourselves in clearing outworn patterns on an individual level. Bleeding heart asks to be gentle with ourselves while we come to terms with the truth that there is no turning back. Apple of Sodom helps to keep it light up and see things in perspective. It’s a vibration I made when I was one of the few people visiting Egypt in April of 2014. This energy returns you to a sense of belonging here on earth as part of the whole which makes you see your own personal power.
Elecampagne gives you confidence to break free from situations, surroundings and people that stop you from having a positive outlook of the new life you wish to create.

We are bringing the focus to a new way which means surrounding ourselves with people and situations in support of this journey.

White pine guidance comforts us when ready to release long held repressed emotions that need to be acknowledged. Because some of this is so deeply tucked away – along comes Herkimer Diamond. It is one of the only 2 gem elixers I ever made. It is perfect in bringing re occurring patterns to the fore front. It magnifies guidance from our unseen friends but also sheds light onto that what you do not wish to see or have kept hidden as a secret. So out the door with that secret because once acknowledged your power can be restored. If you do this personally it serves all of us!
(As a side note: We are of course talking power through love and not power through control). This Herkimer diamond energy creates a dimensional shift that assists in finding your personal inner sacred space.
Supported by Yellow Buckwheat you begin to see beyond the illusion so you can more easily release the facade.
With our hearts open where we feel safe to choose to be in genuine surroundings we can communicate and achieve in ways that unite us. In this state we will attract a new way through co creation in a transparent way. It’s called the Sweet Chestnut state by Bach and it comes up today at the beginning of our transformation into a new reality.
It’s all LOVE.