It is time to release the pressure we place on ourselves by expecting our outer world to bring about the inner change we want. Periwinkle brings and uplifts us with her joy filled energy shift. It shows us how we can positively use the lessons we learned from the past in a whole new way. It’s never been done before this way!  Finally the time has come for you to use the gifts you tucked away so deep. When we think the other person or the outer condition needs to change will solve all our problems Birdsfoot trefoil begs to differ. Wouldn’t it be great if the other person changes so that we won’t have to! You and me both have tried that often enough and it’s never worked.

Still hovering and playing it safe?  Witch-hazel’s encouraging vibration brings in clarity how commit to   making ourselves a priority in meeting by meeting our own needs. The collective vibrational patterning embedded in our cultures around outer conditioned beliefs and expectations that steered us away from our true destiny is unburdened by Hydrangea. It supports us all to let go of the pattern of forsaking ourselves to meet someone else’s needs. It gives us the strength to move forward by having the courage to set our own needs first.
When we base our personal needs on someone else’s expectations us courageous ones can use the energy of witch hazel that sheds light how we’re letting ourselves down. Witch hazel tells us it is safe to step into a whole new way of being. It encourages us to break away from the old way of living by someone else’s choices that keeps you dependent while also keeping you in the shadow of your personal power.

I don’t know about you but when it comes to setting my own needs first I still find myself wanting to skip that part. Instead I run ahead of myself by wanting to know an outcome. This creates inner uncertainty that results in nervous tension. It’s not possible to know everything ahead of time; (how,what, when, where) but it can sure keep us busy and unfocused. Uncertainty about the unknown creates a vibration of restlessness. White Chestnut comes to the rescue as a reminder there is no need to put ourselves under so much pressure. Instead the vibration of white chestnut creates a heartfelt consciousness shift from where everything becomes calm in the moment. Step into that moment and feel the pressure go away. The unknown is no longer important. White Chestnut shows us to trust th

at the unknown outcome will be positively perfect. All becomes safe in a calm expanded state. From here make the connection with our higher self and feel that things starts to open up and flow naturally. Trust the right time and answers will be presented at an unknown time. It always turns out that way and I can attest to it on a daily basis. Yet still at times I too need to be reminded and go full circle back to the vibration of Periwinkle. It shows us that from a place of trusting the unknown perfect outcome we can enjoy the flow of this journey.

“If you want peace upon earth first establish peace in your heart. If you want union in the world, first unify the different parts of your own being. Change yourself and the circumstances will change.”
The mother