From letting go of our Ego mind to connecting to our higher heart Cannabis tells us we can let that heart direct us to where the ego dares not go. Once we do follow our heart our intuition can finally merge with the mind. This is what all the feminine – masculine or yin and yang talk is all about.
Cannabis shows us where we become  overly dependent  on the  mind to direct us. It finds a pathway so that without effort our intuition can become the new way to guide us to our true destination.

When cannabis vibration appears in your personal read — rest assured limitless possibilities are around the corner. How this manifests differs for each of us. Here are a few pointers: Cannabis is for those that are ready to use their own energy powerfully and efficiently. When we drop the need to let our ego dictate that things in our  outside worlds need to change because we Think they should. Cannabis flower essence energetically opens up  your higher vision and makes it easier to see change happens from within. From there you  can see all your dreams manifest at the perfect time.  Going with the flow sharpens your insights naturally and this guides you exactly where you need to be.

Drop the ego and see the miracles unfold.