Space clearing workshop

Thursday, October 19. 2017

6:30 – 9:00pm

cost: $25 per person

Learn to create your own sacred space and the best way to set conscious intent on the qualities of your relationship that you value the most with a simple space clearing technique. Using flower essence sprays as a tool to revitalize stuck energies that become imprinted over time in the walls, furniture, and other objects in the spaces we occupy.

Using flower spiritual blends specifically created to bring more sacredness into your life by choosing the right combination for any situation. They will propel you to the farthest reaches of your goals, while uplifting energy to the spirit.


On The Plaza, 826 G Street in Arcata.
Store Hours: Mon-Sat 10am – 6pm, Sun 12 – 5


These days we seem at a loss where to go when the collective fear based energies challenge our feeling of safety. Pickerelweed helps to detach from the ego illusion that makes us cling to the outer world for security. Its vibration brings you inwards from where you can detach from the emotions of someone else’s fears. When those who attempt to pull us back into a fear based illusion keep us in a holding pattern. Pickerelweed is the red flag indicator for those who wait for someone or something other than themselves to change. The more the truth surfaces the more the need to turn to our inner resources is required. Nanche tree is there to remind us to center oneself. It is here to fully support our transition while we adapt to learning how to relly on our inner resources. The old way is falling apart in order for the new to appear. It helps you to connect to your soul source which is designed for you to be loved in your creative, unique way and valued for who you are by allowing the passion of what you reallly came here for can shine. It’s the Sahrlight Blend Strength full message.
What is really causing this chaos from a higher perspective? If I understand the vibration of the flowering Cannabis well enough remains to be seen but I’ll give it a shot. And please tune in and add your thoughts on this too.
Many are still living from a 6th sense that taught us how to use and follow our intuition. What’s changed in our new time line is that the lessons on how to use our 6th sense are complete and have integrated (for most of us ).
Now that our 6th sense (that connects to the 6th ray) is already a part of us and has developed to it’s fullest we are developing to the next level! The 6th ray is now withdrawing so we can evolve to the next level. (Keep in mind that there are some who did not mature to this level are returning to illusion or simply losing it).
The shift is so recent that a majority still lives from the 6th sense premise and staying in a holding pattern there. Pickerelweed is to help you there for those moments when it feels you are falling behind.
Cannabis helps to bridge you up to the next level – from our 6th sense we can now develop and begin to use use our inner resources.
The old energy shift in the midst of our plans broke the energetic patterns so that the way we look at someone/thing outer is no longer objective. While this causes great confusion we are beginning to see that it is the path of our evolution. We are simply developing further and it is our inner knowing that is now pushed forward.