This week we scratch beyond that ego surface where Echinacea comes in to help properly bind us to a Divine template. Another deeper dive inwards brings clarity as to what relationships of our past where true and others so very false.
The false beliefs of who you thought you where also connected you to relationships and jobs or situations that do not fit in the new collective structure. It can be a confusing, emotional and painful process that I hope you can understand happens because ego resistance is powerful. It puts up a fight you do not have to engage in but it will do everything to draw you in.
When you are clear to yourself you will no longer allow the ego to rule. Star of Bethlehem keeps you strong and holds you during this huge adjustment while echinacea keeps spinning you in the direction to perfection.

Keep in mind that the letting go process of identification through ego attachment has to be recognized by you. (If you try updating the biofield with an ego attachment it will not work.) Echinacea’s vibration is the energetic “make up remover” in front of our very eyes, The “self image’ of who you thought you where is revealing, uncovering and stripping you naked. Nothing of that ego self is who you thought was you. What we see is both the ugly and the beautiful. And out of the ugly comes the beautiful.

You are facing spiritual adjustment into the eye right now. Beautiful new opportunities are surfacing. True honorable relationships are becoming deeper through your biggest upheavals. Taking a clear stance to let your spirit guide your actions instead of your ego is key. Star of Bethlehem helps you stay stable as you commit to your true needs instead of an-others wants. It can only happen through the expansion from within. A conscious step that only you can take must take place if you want to bring the outer into unity from within. Echinacea’s vibration helps to anchor your intentions. It properly connects your physical body with your auric field and bio field. That in turn connects with all the layers outside of you further and further and further.

You are not alone. Nature is here to help.