Mt Shasta

The smoke signs over Mt. Shasta ask us to tend to our own heart.
I faced Mt Shasta from my camp site that morning on July 4th 2018. I was not alone. In peace and quiet under a stone where no one noticed she bloomed this Queen cup Lily. A new way is rising to meet you she said. 

I took note and followed the smoke signs that led me to tend to my own heart to take my next blind step with trust. Everything from that day- till today fell into place in ways I could not have imagined.

Meanwhile this week alone right to this last day of 2018 the plant kingdom also evolved to a whole new level. Flower vibrations are here to assist us to move between timelines, dimensions and between realities in a conscious and purposeful way. I’ve been working with these powerful vibrations to connect us to the next level with more ease. With the plants intelligence I am navigating between these merging timelines which has never been done this way before. A conscious transitioning between these times lines while using flowers is the creation of a continuing bigger development that’s not even possible for the mind to grasp.

May 2019 be the next year where you manifest amazing possibilities.

Queen cup lily