The frequency of flowers hold memory of the history records that rest inside of each of us. Maybe your mind has no recollection of these records stored within you but flowers do. When connecting with a flower they mirror this stored recorded memory back to you. Becoming receptive to their knowledge awakens the dormant recorded history so it can be transmitted. What was previously unconscious suddenly becomes conscious.

 I’ll be offering another 30 min energetic flower transmission as a gift to you. It is an opportunity to raise consciousness in each our own ways. This offer is available for anyone purchasing 2 or more space enhancing blends at the Sahrlight store:

Many of you already know the benefits these sprays have brought you and I thank you for returning to them each step taken on this journey. The energy blends hold the higher frequency on a soul level. When sprayed  they are transmitted into any space you occupy. They have proven to be extremely beneficial in helping, clear, raise or enhance your vibration on an ongoing basis. Each blends consciousness begins to work with you personally.

This offer is valid only for purchases made on: 

APRIL 22ND, 2020

You’ll receive an email within 24 hours of your purchase, 22nd of April with the invitation to schedule a 30 minute personal one on one session. We will schedule a time and day that best suits you.

May this offer serve to help anchor the inward connection deep within the womb of mother earth and assist in making the most of this amazing time to lift each other to new heights. 

Looking forward to create and walk the new earth map with you,