I honor my choices, the ones made long ago that would put me to shame today. Choices made from a time when survival based morals where the norm. Scarlet Monkeyflower pushed on hard consistently these past 3 weeks. Each time after a euphoric day that flowed and was filled with boundless joy I’d marvel in delight. Each time the following day it felt like an energetic whiplash would drop me down into the dungeons of a darker joyless side I’d kept hidden throughout all times on earth. As above so below. Yosemite 

And then it hit me that honoring my fears hidden in a past long gone is the voice that never was heard. The darker part of me that wanted to be honored but got un- recognized from all the times my choices where made out of fear, resentment, opinion or to fill the egos needs etc. It might not be mine, it might be a program, it could be conditioned, but I recognize it within me while solidly connected to the larger whole.

Today I can choose to set new intentions with loyalty towards my unique self. At the same time I must energetically detach from expectations of worlds that set me apart from what today stands in my way. All of creation is triggering this intention in my body cells through me. It’s a new rebel feel that reveals why I deviated from a path that never matched my truth. It clearly shows that I already know where to take this new road ahead.