Maybe this time can serve as a great opportunity to discover where your emotions around creative expression take you.

Willow has so much positive energy to add. To me the willow tree opens connections that show me who I want to share my dreams with. As I tuned in, the tree turned upside down and asked me to look at it from the opposite direction. Next it split in 2. I understood this tree to be speaking to the extremes of letting go of the past ways of dissolving our victim based reality. Willow is offering us to look at another choice we all have and bring the extremes of our differences together. Willow showed me the threading of a network of its vibrations with a reddish — orange light flowing through while weaving pathways in the skies. Each thread connected to another, weaving a web where we are all connected in a new way regardless of our differences. Each thread connecting to one another, No matter how far apart our realities lie.

Every single one of us is part of forming, shaping and holding the collective together. We are all learning new ways of being. Willow is there to support and guide us as we (re) discover our interconnected true strength. Though you will have to feel if this is the direction you want to take. Follow your own path without restraint or judgment.  Discern with love, admiration, respect, freedom, compassion and be at peace with where you are as an individual.
I’ve chosen this path of positive growth and it has been nothing but amazing while I stumble along. Even if the outer world seems to contradict that a positive outcome is up to each of us to focus on. There continue to be hard moments when faced with taking responsibility for my own choices while no longer waiting for another to change. To be that change that lies within is where willow will meet you and encourage you on.
There are still times I am pulled back into negativity. It is so easy to follow their path and point the finger if the outcome of their ideas isn’t what you hoped it would be for your truth.  Taking responsibility for ones own direction takes courage. As an interconnected being I feel the intense downward pull when an outdated fear based collective field makes it harder to remain true to my inner knowing.  At the same time, when surrounded by positive energies it lifts me above the victim mentality and things flow and align in natural ways.
I am the power and know we can all Be the power. Combined that makes for one powerful playing field.
Let the willows higher frequency vibrations run through us all and make it the game changer to uplift each other from a place of heart felt truth.
Be the change.
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