Tuned into her medicine she showed me the way.

I stretched tall up to the sky yet felt very grounded-anchored. Deep tired earth.
Then I felt relief and had to just laugh. Snow white appeared and behind her the 7 dwarfs. I felt the 13 chakras being stretched and molded. The mushroom was showing me both witches, dwarfs and elves accompanied by sadness as in longing and so the story goes… : Don’t worry about leaving the material life behind, you are taken care of.
The old is not a place to return to, but it will attempt to lure you back.

Snow white…opens the eyes as we all come to realize that what is going on in our lives is ‘not right.’ Many of us are now beginning to accept the unacceptable. It seems there is a necessity to help the Ego recognize the wrong doing and this mushroom points to a ‘grow up’ phase reflected in the mirroring effect of what we put out does come back at us.

With a flick of your hand dust of the spores and allow the wind to take our positive vibration everywhere you go. Positive thought form heals all and is contagious. Stay the course and reveal the power of joy. From that abundant view miracles will happen daily. Intent to surround yourself with positive vibrations in your surroundings. It anchors you deep into the core of the earth where you find your way stretching up to find the light out beyond #materialwealth. It takes you to a long lost place filled with light where you have a vague recollection what it was like to live in joy and #unityconscious ways. Sadness and nostalgia of what you lost over the ages rises and is replaced by joy.
Living in joy raises your vibration to a natural state of being filled with joy. Positive thought form draws in abundance and opportunities into your life. Visions,quantum #dreams #fruition. It motivates you to be optimistic and create your own life direction and passion. Life doesn’t get any better than that moment. You stretch further and find how our positive vibrations attract those with a similar positive authentic outlook on life. From your own center – As a group you help each other create a wave of energy causing a ripple effect that will continue the flow. From a place of who you truly are anything you wish can be manifested into reality. This is what the power of joy holds. Merge it within you to match your vibration with source.

( I wrote this in 2014 )

Amanita takes you through when a sucking spiral of blackness and despair of thinking overtakes you. Instead, you look upwards and see the light at the top. You grasp and claw your way to get out of that pull of despair before it becomes a pattern of defeat. The truth sometimes is so simple that we miss it or  ignore it all together while trying to find a much more complicated answer, when all the time, it is staring you right in the face. Let your inner compass pull you out of the vortex into the future you wish to create.

6 years later : #wishes come true

May you live happily for ever after.