“Go beyond, be receptive for this is how change in the Universe occurs.”

An LaFleur

As a child growing up in the Netherlands I had a deep connection to flowers and plants. This fell to the sidelines when my family and I spent 2 great years living in Indonesia. In Asia experiencing ceremony and honoring the sacredness of life had a deep effect on me.

I could not find expression between the contrasting way of life between East and West when returning to the Netherlands. A competitive belief around education had me off to a mind-based start. An educational system that understood how I fit in the system didn’t exist and made no sense to me. There was no joy in my heart when I had to go to school. 

How it was supposed to be versus what my heart was telling me came to a head resulting in a complete meltdown at age 50. I was living upstate New York when in 2013 I experienced a sudden life-shattering experience that altered my illusion. All my senses were blasted open and the floodgates poured out all the heartfelt feelings I had neatly tucked away. Breaking away from deeply embedded family belief patterns around worth and success also ended on that day. 



That day another door opened which began a heart-based way of life for me. It is when the flowers began a deep inner communication with me. At first, it was just very confusing. Imagine a daffodil tooting its horn into your ears with a very important message that totally makes sense, yet you can’t seem to grasp that a daffodil knows better than what your ego-mind wants to believe. That’s how it was.

Simultaneously this new reality that washed over me shifted into alternative realities. All in the same moment I saw my current life and a few more parallel lives. In these non-linear reality shifts is where flowers began showing me how I could rediscover my true soul path. Navigating my life back into balance when following the guidance of flowers is how I became a flower vibration integration alchemist for these new times.

A true education had begun from a heart-based place and slowly I began feeling heartfelt joy. At first it was scary to trust my heart-based truth while also resetting my values. As time went by recreating myself became an exciting creative process.

More clarity came when traveling Egypt a year later. The energy of Sahr ( Sara)  while traveling Egypt became the inspiration for the website.

www.Sahrlight.com was created based on the wisdom teachings within me.

At the time I lived close to Omega, a holistic institute where I began teaching and developing my flower knowledge over the course of 3 years. I felt free to express and develop a creative way of sharing flower wisdom. It was a fun and inspiring time to create in a supportive environment and open the door to the public for flower counsel. At Omega Institute is also where I developed and launched 7 flower energy space clearing blends.

It was time to widen my horizon and move on. I bought a trailer and a truck and with my cat drove to the California redwoods. I spent 3 years living in the nurturing environment of the redwoods when I took the leap to go travel this sacred earth in my trailer with joy in my heart. I love the life I created for myself, on the road while I keep creating in the flow of nature’s bounties. 

On this journey, if you feel called, I will be honored to share the evolving flowers energetic vibrations integration process with you.

I sign off with my Spirit name,

An Lafleur

Flower Vibration Integration Alchemist

‘Guardian of the Sacred Earth’