The birth of Sahrlight’s space clearing and enhancing sprays.


It is at Omega Institute where 7 of the 9 energy space-enhancing sprays were created. Creating these space clearing sprays was an amazing fun experience.

When I traveled to Egypt in 2014 I brought back a few cold-pressed essential oils for personal use.  Shortly after my return from Egypt, I ended up at Omega Institute where I began teaching a class re the benefits of using flower vibrations. It wasn’t planned, it just happened, and when things happen that way it’s hard to describe the magic one experiences on a personal level.

People taking the classes wanted to experience the energy but intake wasn’t possible. So I thought out of the box and suggested I create energy blends in order to spray energy into the classroom. It turns out that the cold-pressed oils I had brought from Egypt were perfect in combination with the higher vibe of flower essences I was producing.  I began the process of blending the essences with cold-pressed essential oils.  The alchemic transformation offered encouragement each time an individual needed a nudge pulling it all together for clarity.  “Clearing’ was the first blend born.

Today there are nine energy sprays in tune with helping us navigate the Nine dimensions.