Discover the way forward with the help of flower integrative alchemy.


 A session with flowers will help discover, strengthen and support your core values. During a flower energy session you will be taken into the depth of your unique blueprint. You’ll begin reaching deeper within and feel into uncharted territory while the process is supported with the vibration of flowers to help further your evolution.

All of the frequencies and patterns with which we have been born are designed to encourage our souls growth. These frequencies and patterns are reflected back to us like a mirror when falling in synch with the energy of flowers. That’s how it’s possible for full integration to happen so quick. It’s not complicated but it is non  -linear because a flower will look for what to bring back into balance first. Old patterns no longer of use will also become apart with more ease creating room for the new to come in.

 Flower vibrations contains the vibrational patterning that reflects and awakens parts of ones untouched human operating system into conscious awareness.  Wisdom that is already present within you begins to come forward. Flower integrative alchemy points the way inward beyond the minds conditioned beliefs. Flower vibration integration has the potential to bring us to a higher-level of service of our interconnected universal-humanness in synch with the electromagnetic field. 

Scheduling an appointment:  Email: to request a time. Once the time is set we ask you send in your payment in order to confirm the date and time.  You will also be given a phone number to call on the day of the appointment.