Under the Willow Tree

Under the Willow Tree

Maybe this time can serve as a great opportunity to discover where your emotions around creative expression take you.

Willow has so much positive energy to add. To me the willow tree opens connections that show me who I want to share my dreams with. As I tuned in, the tree turned upside down and asked me to look at it from the opposite direction. Next it split in 2. I understood this tree to be speaking to the extremes of letting go of the past ways of dissolving our victim based reality. Willow is offering us to look at another choice we all have and bring the extremes of our differences together. Willow showed me the threading of a network of its vibrations with a reddish — orange light flowing through while weaving pathways in the skies. Each thread connected to another, weaving a web where we are all connected in a new way regardless of our differences. Each thread connecting to one another, No matter how far apart our realities lie.

Every single one of us is part of forming, shaping and holding the collective together. We are all learning new ways of being. Willow is there to support and guide us as we (re) discover our interconnected true strength. Though you will have to feel if this is the direction you want to take. Follow your own path without restraint or judgment.  Discern with love, admiration, respect, freedom, compassion and be at peace with where you are as an individual.
I’ve chosen this path of positive growth and it has been nothing but amazing while I stumble along. Even if the outer world seems to contradict that a positive outcome is up to each of us to focus on. There continue to be hard moments when faced with taking responsibility for my own choices while no longer waiting for another to change. To be that change that lies within is where willow will meet you and encourage you on.
There are still times I am pulled back into negativity. It is so easy to follow their path and point the finger if the outcome of their ideas isn’t what you hoped it would be for your truth.  Taking responsibility for ones own direction takes courage. As an interconnected being I feel the intense downward pull when an outdated fear based collective field makes it harder to remain true to my inner knowing.  At the same time, when surrounded by positive energies it lifts me above the victim mentality and things flow and align in natural ways.
I am the power and know we can all Be the power. Combined that makes for one powerful playing field.
Let the willows higher frequency vibrations run through us all and make it the game changer to uplift each other from a place of heart felt truth.
Be the change.
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Remaining open to a new way ahead

Remaining open to a new way ahead

I’ve been following the flowers wisdom for quite some time now. They’ve continuously kept me on track and keep showing the steps to take that allows for creating a new way forward. No matter how many ups and downs I had to go through to shed lifetimes of conditioning, flowers mirrored to me how to break out of traditional structures and relinquish everything I took for granted as truth. Flowers where my messenger guides that showed me how to remain true to self. It was an uncovering of layer after layer that took me beyond the surface and showed where I went wrong or what was missing, what I had forgotten, what other options I had, and today where I am headed. With a solid base of understanding the codes that rest within a flower since the beginning of time I began to see what flowers wished to make clear to me. But I must admit it took courage and often felt like I was moving mountains with no end in sight.
Beyond the shadows of lots of doubts flowers are the messengers I trust today. When at a loss along the way I began to understand how to translate their precise insights. A tapestry with deep embedded patterning was unraveling and dismantling. At the same time it was woven together with the flowers messages of encouragement, warnings, adjustments, clarity, alignment ,truth, trust, you name it.
The art of waiting for the right time of action while strongly remaining grounded here on earth was another trip to grasp. There’s no explaining, understanding, proving or even doing much other than tune in and discover multidimensional realities are reaching us from a grounded expanded state. It’s a huge letting go process that continues to show a whole new way.
What each flower shared with me over the years prepared me for a renewed transformational understanding of these new times. The time to move forward into a new territory has arrived. Its sudden and it’s here.
The only thing that remains after deep cleansing took place is to give myself permission to take the next step. To understand that our multi dimensional potential is becoming the new norm and to share that option with you.
All I do is hold the knowing of a flower from where various dimensions, timelines and realities transmit or rather awaken wisdom already found within you. When we let go of the how and take the time to allow for the translation of the flowers wisdom to transmute fear to joy within our own being a clear portal opens inviting you to receive what is offered. It’s a safe container to work from.
If you feel drawn to the wisdom of the flowers I’ll be delighted to assist so you can be more prepared for the next phase in your life. Holding the knowing of the flowers for you while you uncover dormant options creates an inward alchemical transformation. All from the mountains and valleys of my home via phone or internet!
Meanwhile I set the intent to keep loving my choice of creating an interconnected supportive environment where all can thrive.
Look for what you have in the moment.

Look for what you have in the moment.

Looking for what was no more.

“Look for what you have in the moment.”

How we got here doesn’t matter. Lay the finger pointing to rest.  Old traditions gone with the wind.  Days of Grace light the way. 

Go with this bog orchid flow that helps heal that broken soul. She’s bringing you to find your own value. At this stage we are faced with the opportunity to get past resisting the escape of the confrontation with self. The values outside of you are nothing in comparison of recognizing that the real gold lies within you. Embrace and accept the beauty of your being. Life is pushing each of us for self acceptance. It is good living in your own truth. Detach from embedded belief and indoctrinations that are not yours. Restore the dignity and self respect by taking responsibility for your true original unique being. Over the ages we’ve become saturated by old outdated dogmas and traditions.  Outer dominations of all sorts of abuse made us forgot our own voice. Finger pointing that seems to keep it all beyond our control is over. Could this be the crows cry that calls you to presence in your own richness? Bravo if you made it here. 

Bog Orchid purifies your surroundings one step a time as we continue on. We are still on uncertain ground as how to hold each moment in the light. Sometimes when we look back to all those agonizing instances we are now fast outgrowing, Bog Orchid appears to help you lay the past to rest. The separated life one led has ended. 

Our interconnected multidimensional merging is created by you alone in the present moment.  Bog Orchid seems to say ‘ In memory of’.. When that moment takes you to the past release the emotion and let  Bog Orchid assist you in pulling you back to ‘Be here now.’ LIGHTING A CANDLE in gratitude to what brought you here suffices. Onwards you go. The dignity of the distorted image of humanity we each carry can be restored when we take responsibility for ourselves. 


Sahrlight explained

Sahrlight explained

It as in a dream that a young girl, Sahr appeared during  my visit to the Temple of Philea in Egypt. In the dream I was handed the alchemist cup shown as a large shining grail of silver and gold. Two women from biblical times wearing light blue robes and white capes held me in a loving embrace as a new born baby. The baby was the holder of the cup receiving life. The cup was empty and I was shown how to fill it when using my inner wisdom that hold the geometric codes of flowers.

Sahr symbolizes the new energetic vibration birthed on the ashes of our past. The right environment sets the stage for a collective karmic dissolution we are all experiencing individually. We are merging our polar sides between male – female from within.  When  bringing our dual nature into balance-  a 3rd new energy (e)merges that connects us in multidimensional ways that links all of life and shows we are not separate from one another.

With the karmic lessons releasing Sahr symbolizes the stepping into the creation of a heart based pattern and allows us to embody  the past and future that rest within each of us. Sahrlight is an invitation for our unique beings to clean the slate in order to bring our passions or unique gifts on board in order to build a new life from a place of light filled joy without fear.