Discover the way forward with the help of flower integrative alchemy.


What if there is a way to remember our potential that lies hidden in our DNA’s history?  A history we have no record of-yet flowers do. Flower vibration integrative alchemy serves as a mirror to reflect back to us what was forgotten. By reaching deeper within, we begin to feel into uncharted territory and when connecting our feeling with the knowing of flowers it allows for your inner knowing to surface. When looking into the deeper layers of a flower you will discover that you already have everything you need to create an abundant, joyful life!

All of the frequencies and patterns with which we all have been born are designed to encourage our souls growth. The many lives experiences presented to us are an opportunity to use and  can serve to unlock and activate the higher purpose hidden within our genetic structure.

During a flower energy session you will be taken into the depth of your unique blueprint. Each flower contains the vibrational patterning that reflects an integral part of your new human operating system back to you. Wisdom that is already present within you begins to come forward. Flower integrative alchemy points the way forward further, beyond the minds beliefs. In addition it teaches a new, higher-level service of our interconnected universal-humanness in connection to the electromagnetic field. 

Scheduling an appointment:  Email: to request a time. Once the time is set we ask you send in your payment in order to confirm the date and time.  You will also be given a phone number to call on the day of the appointment.


$525.00 for 4 sessions.

Your commitment to a retainer of 4 flower vibration integration facilitation sessions weekly or bi-weekly, within a 2-month time span. All sessions are over the phone only.

30 minutes will get you to unknown places. $80.00:

Dance to a new tune.
See further into a colorful future.
One with your feelings, one with your body. Create without end.

This is a deep sensing intuitive experience. The vibrations of flowers are known to hold the patterns of wisdom that we have become separate from. The flowers will help find the connection in order to find your way home.

What will show in this discovery of your inner landscape? Partner up with flowers to let your inspiration give form to new creation. Trust to open up to feeling all that you are. $80.00 for 30 minutes