Focused intent

Focused intent

She reflects her inner beauty back to you during emotional times when we continue to reveal our personal divine strength and softer nature. Trust yourself when you know its time, to relax, and to withdraw from the “masses”. Crepe gingers vibration helps to break the very old collective patterning that have become sedating points that are a real threat to your well being. Be of staying conscious of your choice she helps create a loving pattern bringing the focus to consciously honor her contribution to your positive intentions. Refresh your energy system and feel how this vibration responds to your conscious intention.
Needless to say we’re fast seeing the manifestation of our conscious intentions. Make it count. Focus on the creation of what you would like to manifest.
It is in the new blend JOY for very good reasons.
Spirits through me

Spirits through me

The whole universe has been waiting for this moment for you to remember and see the connection. Share my energy as the bright green of nature, the color of spring and my fuzzy love filled bloom. Embrace your life path with the skills and abilities already stored in your blue print ready to be used. Wake up and remember!
Of late I’ve been creating community on multi dimensional levels as a meditator between divided nations and past traumatized tribes. Some individuals recently deceased are now also connecting through the flower of life that connects to all of life in Unity. Many are doing their part from higher realms and a network is strengthening while the old dislodges at the same time.
Much time was spent and many souls who left their bodies visited me which took me into a deeper denser past because those souls needed to move on. I am glad that phase is behind me.  The soul I had so loved from longer times gone by pushed on weeks at a time was my dads life I relived from his experiences during many nights in a dream state. It was for better understanding how all was already prepared to part ways and let the old ways not useful on this new road go.
The dis -connection from the tree of life of good and evil is what makes this time so very hard to break out of.
Animals too have been connecting with us all as one field of love. My dear long gong cats and dogs are never far away. The dogs have come to show me their appreciation in their own ways and cats still surface as my guides. I’m in the middle of it. So far just beginning to understand what I was being shown. –
It’s never how we think it is.  The time to let go of those places and people once dear,yet no longer serve our highest potential is now.
This is what she said all along:
Embrace the way forward

Embrace the way forward

Tuned into her medicine she showed me the way.

I stretched tall up to the sky yet felt very grounded-anchored. Deep tired earth.
Then I felt relief and had to just laugh. Snow white appeared and behind her the 7 dwarfs. I felt the 13 chakras being stretched and molded. The mushroom was showing me both witches, dwarfs and elves accompanied by sadness as in longing and so the story goes… : Don’t worry about leaving the material life behind, you are taken care of.
The old is not a place to return to, but it will attempt to lure you back.

Snow white…opens the eyes as we all come to realize that what is going on in our lives is ‘not right.’ Many of us are now beginning to accept the unacceptable. It seems there is a necessity to help the Ego recognize the wrong doing and this mushroom points to a ‘grow up’ phase reflected in the mirroring effect of what we put out does come back at us.

With a flick of your hand dust of the spores and allow the wind to take our positive vibration everywhere you go. Positive thought form heals all and is contagious. Stay the course and reveal the power of joy. From that abundant view miracles will happen daily. Intent to surround yourself with positive vibrations in your surroundings. It anchors you deep into the core of the earth where you find your way stretching up to find the light out beyond #materialwealth. It takes you to a long lost place filled with light where you have a vague recollection what it was like to live in joy and #unityconscious ways. Sadness and nostalgia of what you lost over the ages rises and is replaced by joy.
Living in joy raises your vibration to a natural state of being filled with joy. Positive thought form draws in abundance and opportunities into your life. Visions,quantum #dreams #fruition. It motivates you to be optimistic and create your own life direction and passion. Life doesn’t get any better than that moment. You stretch further and find how our positive vibrations attract those with a similar positive authentic outlook on life. From your own center – As a group you help each other create a wave of energy causing a ripple effect that will continue the flow. From a place of who you truly are anything you wish can be manifested into reality. This is what the power of joy holds. Merge it within you to match your vibration with source.

( I wrote this in 2014 )

Amanita takes you through when a sucking spiral of blackness and despair of thinking overtakes you. Instead, you look upwards and see the light at the top. You grasp and claw your way to get out of that pull of despair before it becomes a pattern of defeat. The truth sometimes is so simple that we miss it or  ignore it all together while trying to find a much more complicated answer, when all the time, it is staring you right in the face. Let your inner compass pull you out of the vortex into the future you wish to create.

6 years later : #wishes come true

May you live happily for ever after.

Another beginning

Another beginning

Detaching from the vibration of meeting the security of another agenda frees your inner knowing.That’s the higher #energetic message of Forsythia #bloesemremedies
As humans we can commit to choose how to create the future for ourselves. Forsythia’s vibrations shows how to make use of the energies as we begin again and rebuild our lives in a new way.

As a multi-dimensional being, you have the ability to go beyond an emotional reaction to the realities of others. You get to choose how to create the future from within yourself. When you develop or re-cultivate this ability the energy begins to flow towards creating higher vibrational realities and pathways for you to participate in. This awareness in itself assists thousands and millions of other beings to do the same.

It’s in a nutshell.
If you understand that your strength as in personal power rests within then this Vibe will elevate your energy field in a heart beat.
If you need help with this we can do this together over the phone also.
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Under the Willow Tree

Under the Willow Tree

Maybe this time can serve as a great opportunity to discover where your emotions around creative expression take you.

Willow has so much positive energy to add. To me the willow tree opens connections that show me who I want to share my dreams with. As I tuned in, the tree turned upside down and asked me to look at it from the opposite direction. Next it split in 2. I understood this tree to be speaking to the extremes of letting go of the past ways of dissolving our victim based reality. Willow is offering us to look at another choice we all have and bring the extremes of our differences together. Willow showed me the threading of a network of its vibrations with a reddish — orange light flowing through while weaving pathways in the skies. Each thread connected to another, weaving a web where we are all connected in a new way regardless of our differences. Each thread connecting to one another, No matter how far apart our realities lie.

Every single one of us is part of forming, shaping and holding the collective together. We are all learning new ways of being. Willow is there to support and guide us as we (re) discover our interconnected true strength. Though you will have to feel if this is the direction you want to take. Follow your own path without restraint or judgment.  Discern with love, admiration, respect, freedom, compassion and be at peace with where you are as an individual.
I’ve chosen this path of positive growth and it has been nothing but amazing while I stumble along. Even if the outer world seems to contradict that a positive outcome is up to each of us to focus on. There continue to be hard moments when faced with taking responsibility for my own choices while no longer waiting for another to change. To be that change that lies within is where willow will meet you and encourage you on.
There are still times I am pulled back into negativity. It is so easy to follow their path and point the finger if the outcome of their ideas isn’t what you hoped it would be for your truth.  Taking responsibility for ones own direction takes courage. As an interconnected being I feel the intense downward pull when an outdated fear based collective field makes it harder to remain true to my inner knowing.  At the same time, when surrounded by positive energies it lifts me above the victim mentality and things flow and align in natural ways.
I am the power and know we can all Be the power. Combined that makes for one powerful playing field.
Let the willows higher frequency vibrations run through us all and make it the game changer to uplift each other from a place of heart felt truth.
Be the change.
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Sahrlight explained

Sahrlight explained

It as in a dream that a young girl, Sahr appeared during  my visit to the Temple of Philea in Egypt. In the dream I was handed the alchemist cup shown as a large shining grail of silver and gold. Two women from biblical times wearing light blue robes and white capes held me in a loving embrace as a new born baby. The baby was the holder of the cup receiving life. The cup was empty and I was shown how to fill it when using my inner wisdom that hold the geometric codes of flowers.

Sahr symbolizes the new energetic vibration birthed on the ashes of our past. The right environment sets the stage for a collective karmic dissolution we are all experiencing individually. We are merging our polar sides between male – female from within.  When  bringing our dual nature into balance-  a 3rd new energy (e)merges that connects us in multidimensional ways that links all of life and shows we are not separate from one another.

With the karmic lessons releasing Sahr symbolizes the stepping into the creation of a heart based pattern and allows us to embody  the past and future that rest within each of us. Sahrlight is an invitation for our unique beings to clean the slate in order to bring our passions or unique gifts on board in order to build a new life from a place of light filled joy without fear.