Humbled in Humboldt by a cucumber

Humbled in Humboldt by a cucumber

I remember that day I was humbled in Humboldt by a cucumber like plant hanging over my head. Her pretty white flowers shows how linked we all are to our past generations that got us where are today.That day, at Prairie Creek in the midst of these manroot Kahts-tuwiriki flower vines I became like the condensed ball. Imagine yourself to be that green ball in the picture with the cords coming out of your solar plexus. As you can tell the cords are not finding anything outside there to hold on to. They are entangled over the ages to what became each others stories in the search for something or someone to hold on to.manroot Manroot mirrored back at me how to disentangle from the outer past story while keeping my head cool. Quite unexpectedly this Manroot connected me to all of life from where there was no turning back to the old broken program. How to depend on our own inner resources is not some distant future idea but that time is now. A cycle has ended and the strings are no longer going to find an outer source to continue building our future on. The world will continue in a whole new way.

Little did I know what the plants and trees notes I took  just 2 years ago really meant ! 

‘Soon you will understand that in a (wall-)nutshell we are letting go of a very old supportive dependency system that slowly turned the patterns into poverty consciousness. We are ready to be free of the illusionary mind constructed story that was carried down over the ages.’ Humanity is going through the letting go of a group support system that no longer is. The clean up is well under way and the true story is becoming untangled with it. It can be frightful to not find the way it used to be. Cords we where conditioned to depend on, that bound us for thousands of years are being untangled. Once untangled they can be disconnected one person at a time. Its “cool” and scary at the same time. 

Though the ship is not sinking. How do I know this so well? Well, I am like the walnut that broke out of the old chain. WalnutAfter lots of kicking and screaming I saw that there is another way. So I surrendered and became reliant on my inner knowing and the walnut shell became my boat. Walnut is all about change and you too will paddle through the storm to your inner shore. With her help you won’t sink. Some of us are just out here to test the waters….Nature stood by me me on this journey. We are all learning to trust the process of life will take us where we need to be.

Stay cool and wishing you all smooth sailing. July 22, 2018 

21st Gene Key and Flower Essences to match

21st Gene Key and Flower Essences to match

What better name than a flower named Pretty Face to show the way and convey Gene Key 21. I spotted her on the path that led to Heart Lake – Mt Shasta. I was pushed on and on to give up my minds constructed identity. Maybe indirectly, you may actually have been taught not to take chances? Risking looking like a fool. Lol. depends on what kinda chances. Yes, I talk to flowers. Or rather they talk to me and that is Pretty normal for me. But I hold back because of fear people might think this as a strange profession to have.
Pretty Face: One step at a time. Your own choice is perfect and cannot be wrong. You know what is best for you. To think you are on the wrong track is old she ( Pretty Face) said. But the blind trust I was asked to follow on this crazy ride was hitting my nerves that day. The vibration of Pretty face shows you that you are who you did not know you could be. Your mind does not know your bigness. And because I had no clue what to make of it I took out the Gene Keys. Nr 21 showed up in relationship to Pretty Face and Queen cup. Both lily family. Both speak about softening heart and bringing out a fear – trauma.
I got a rare look at my deepest fears when Pretty Face (anilinia) showed up along the trail that lead me up Mt Shasta. Connecting inwards to the core of our wounds transforms all fears into trusting that with an open heart all will fall into place.
If you allow the natural rhythm to reveal itself to you in due time you come to discover from going inwards without force what is best. Suddenly I felt the vibration of Pretty Face take me beyond the veil and completed the full dis- integration of an old cycle. Richard Rudd speaks of a hierachy in the 21st Gene Key that these flowers today where trying to convey to me as well. We are all asked to take the lead without being the leader. When hierachy is not made up of divisions but seen in light of each of us doing our own part there are flower vibrations to work with that.
Soon after Queen cup( Clintonia family) appeared. That being on my last day in Mt Shasta while the mountain overlooked my progress. For the love of yourself and not for the love of them says Queen cup. Any part of competing with that makes one feel less so the other can feel more – and that is no longer part of this journey. So Queen cup served to bring the message back to our hearts. ( July 4, 2018) Queen cups image is not the best as she was hiding and pretty beat up.  But I found her and I love these names btw.
Spider lily’s vibration follows. In all there where 5 flowers that took me through the steps as where I was going: Don’t despair and keep at it with Spider lily on board as we learn to rebuild a healthy group conscious way of interacting that can only happen when we rebalancing the relationship within ourselves. Spider Lily vibration speaks to allowing the natural process in finding your place in community to take hold without our outer meddling. Embrace the contribution of each unique individual. From there on a free flow is created where you can uniquely thrive and contribute. Once that is finally in place you are able to simply embody your truth from the heart. What is so amazing you begin to feel how all your actions from within affect everything. Your individual contribution ties into ta more expansive larger field.
‘Our entire world at this time is in the midst of playing out the dramas of above or below. Once played out the group dynamics will begin to take responsibility for the well being of each other.’ It can only happen if we each take the lead in what we are called to do. Unique to  each of us. How many times have we heard someone ELSE tell us what is best for us or what our needs are? Crown Of thorns connects you to your belly, at least this is how I experienced her deep in the womb where I felt the integration of a lush nurturing sensation I never knew such seep sweet love inside. Umbilical cord connections found deep from my core connecting to the earth core. Lets Unify as one group; helping, feeding, nurturing, contributing and lifting each other. Taste the sweet sweet nectar and connect from the womb —  I am safe.
Seasons of change

Seasons of change

What if.. we tread on a new path, an unfamiliar path with trust in our heart.
What if we allow nature to be our guide?
Dare we allow the mystery of life to show us the way?

Horsetail in all her glory wants to assist in help sealing the deal of a higher nature.
Horsetail seems to ask for our uniqueness to be seen and lead the way. Stored in the mothers placenta one could be asked to release that past. With the #Placenta removed the veil is lifted. It’s a final breakaway point of an old life gone by.
Yet Horsetail speaks of taking a new direction. It does not speak of the past. Connect to the Placenta of Mother earth and watch for the signs reflected back to you.
Expand your horizon.
However you choose to open up to the larger whole there is Horsetail taking you by the hand.
In other words create your own trail and know the new way, a new path will be shown.

You are so much more.

You are so much more.

This September I saw what the earth remembers. I suffered and also received the biggest gift when I learned what my body remembers. I know what my father remembers and what our ancestors put in place for us. I completed almost 7 years of notes on what the flowers remember for these new times.

I also remembered I was afraid  to live before I came into the world. This Month of September I remember the future. As September draws a close I remember what it is like to live in joy. All through the eyes of nature. Forever grateful for this life on earth today.

Here is an Ode to the past when we did not know how to remember that we are so much more:


September Meditation

I do not know if the seasons remember their history or if the days and
nights by which we count time remember their own passing.

I do not know if the oak tree remembers its planting or if the pine
remembers its slow climb toward sun and stars.

I do not know if the squirrel remembers last fall’s gathering or if the
bluejay remembers the meaning of snow.

I do not know if the air remembers September or if the night remembers
the moon.

I do not know if the earth remembers the flowers from last spring or if
the evergreen remembers that it shall stay so.

Perhaps that is the reason for our births—to be the memory for

Perhaps salvation is something very different than anyone ever expected.

Perhaps this will be the only question we will have to answer:
“What can you tell me about September?”

~Burton D. Carley

Full speed ahead

Full speed ahead

Forward movement full speed ahead. Change. Lots of change. Whenever we perceive that we’re being forced to change, even if it’s doing something that’s good for us, we meet resistance. Keep that in mind as to when you stop yourself from taking on a new opportunity.
Trout Lily vibration indicates where over the ages we as individual humans compromised our deepest values and passions for the sake of survival. Don’t give in this time. Trout lily vibration shows you how to take an alternative route. Be the change. Standing up for your values and embracing new opportunities with choices made with love from the heart. Become unstuck, don’t back down and take the lead from what you know is the right thing to do.

I am back to offering one on one sessions when you feel ready to adjust your vibration to match what truly serve your special unique selves.



Golden yarrow pops up anytime the domination game is out of balance. No wonder so much continues to be written about Yarrows medicine. Tapping into the vibrational powers of this power plant is an experience in itself.  Power is the key word golden yarrow puts in the right perspective. Yet words don’t do her justice. Feeling the transmission of this plants vibration is where we can make full use of the energy. But when feeling powerless that idea in itself becomes hard to believe. 
Over dominated by the world, overpowered by a group, a situation beyond your control? Once emotional frustration is recognized and acknowledged we can break away from what keeps powerlessness trapped firmly anchored inside of us.

The shadow conditioned beliefs keeps coming up as an opportunity to take a look at on a personal level. While this is a time where we all endure considerable discomfort and confusion it is the vibrational energy-pattern of True Power that golden yarrow instills in you.