The Green miracle ointment that has everyone come back  for more

A miracle ointment that heals when applying small amounts on rashes, blisters, scrapes, eczema, psosiris, dry itchy skin, insect bites, stings, sand flies, sunburn and baby’s bottoms rashes. 

It will keep the itch away and mosquitoes or sand flies at bay. Ticks don’t like it. It is safe for animals and children.

Organic Almond and Coconut  infused with the herb Plantago Major is the secret. Local beeswax is used as the binder. Easy to apply. Organic essential oil of rosemary enhances a bold sense of comfort.  

This herbal infused ointment is available in  a handy 2- Oz  plastic  jar.



Organic natural insect repellent infused with Plantago Major. Cold pressed essential oils of amber and lemon for that skin so soft feel in a water solution.