The next Live Unity call will be held on

Sunday July 29th, 2018

The call will be free of charge for in order to maintain a balance.

You will still have to sign up for the call by sending a direct email to  A call in nr will be emailed to you with directions on how to join the call. 

I am offering this call because we can all use some extra support in a positive group environment when challenged. It is easy to be pulled into defeating behaviors by our outer world. Repeating an outdated karmic wheel of a fear based society is not a mandate anymore. Transmuting negative expectations into positive outcomes is a perception shift we are learning to master.  This call will be about creating a safe haven in your direct environment while staying true  to your own choices.  I look forward to  meet you there this coming Sunday. 



12:00 p.m (Pacific time)
3:00 p.m (Eastern time)
4:00 p.m (Central time)pixel Events

Free sign up button: 


At times groups of people take the road together to support each other for a longer or shorter duration of time. The live Unity call allows everyone to become conscious of a network of assistance that is available to each of us. It is there for those who choose to find inspiration and

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If you are consciously participating in the creation of a new time, if you do believe in another dimension is available to tap into and  that we are able to create unity together as a soul group then I invite you to join the live Unity call whenever you please. Let the energy of flowers lend the helping hand to guide you on this soul journey.

 I look forward to connect with you! Annemarie



Sunday, July 29th

You will be emailed a Teleconference Dial in Number (USA) after payment is received.  (This can take 48 hours)

On the day of the call pick your time to join us on the teleconference based on your time zone:

You can  join the call by following these simple instructions:

At the scheduled date and time of the meeting, dial into the teleconference line.

  • When prompted, enter the meeting ID.
  • Me, Annemarie and the other callers will meet you on the line.
  • The conference will begin promptly at the designated time.

A call in phone number will be emailed to you  24 hours after signing up.

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