Flower Vibration Remedies

When you connect with the vibration of a flower it allows for an expansion of conscious awareness to surface.  The song of a flower is there to help bring balance from within so that an accelerated shift in consciousness happens. Integration of flower vibrations has been the most sacred practice returned to the new earth. As a  Flower Vibration Integration Botanist I help integrate the light codes of flowers to align you with the real voice of your soul. 


Scroll down this page to find what the flowers  for  these new times have to say:

New Earth Flower Vibrations

Roatan Series

 Flower vibrations from  the island of Roatan, Honduras. Close proximity to the Equator magnifies their vibrational potency and balancing effects. 

Allamanda hi rez (300x300)

Allamanda:(Cathartica) Enables you to listen to your inner voice. By going within you can let go of the things that stand in the way of your growth.


White Orchid Brassavola Flagelloris 5x5-2
Brassavola flagellates Orchid:
Self-reliance. Endings and beginnings.

banana flower 5x5

Banana: When you are nurturing others out of the need of approval from the outside world. Neglecting yourself because your ego is in need of recognition outside of yourself. It brings awareness that your soul and ego are inter connected and this in turn brings peace within.



Bougainvillea:(Glabra)In order to experience a deeper connection to your inner joy it helps connect to your heart in each moment. Make healthy choices  where you find pride in all you do.

candle bush

Candle Bush:(Senna elate)Brings closure to lingering karmic disputes. Loosens the dark energy or our shadows grip so it can no longer rule or control you.

Red Canna Lily 5x5

Canna Lily:(Canna x generals)Releases the pain created by separation from your core. When you have forgotten who you are it invites you to come home into yourself and release the pain of separation. I am grateful for this life on earth. I welcome myself home.

Cashew flower

Cashew Tree:(Anacardium occidental) When your core beliefs where once shattered. A sense of failure leads to avoiding making choices. Not making a choice places blocks of hindrance to avoid ones personal growth. Being genuine  results in  the choice to  do things true to your heart.


Cecropia tree (Guarumo) 5x5Cecropia:(Gauraumo)  Leads the way through another initiation. 
Illuminates the forgotten part you did not know you had by raising your vibration

cerasee 5x5Cerasee:(Momordica charantia) It releases an outdated  habitual  patterning of what you’re signaling by repeating the things you do not want to attract into your life.

monkey taleChenille plant: (Acalypha hispid) Fear of being alone with your journey. When making a fear-based choice towards clinging to a sense of belonging.  A perception shift gives courage to break connections, friendships or soul ties that are not serving you.

Crepe Ginger 5x5

Crepe Ginger:(Cheilocostus speciosus) Inner beauty revealed. Bringing a serene feel of inner strength. Enhances self respect while reconnecting the bond with ourselves.


crown of thorns 5x5Crown of Thorns:(Euphorbia milii) When you are  pushing yourself  too hard with endless things to do  that make you forget to nurture  yourself. Bring the love you  have for yourself into everything you do. This way  it can be I felt in everything you do and reflected back to you.

Coconut flower

Coconut: Cracks the core issue of a trend that is passed along from generation to generation. It is a permanent obstacle remover.

IMG_3385Fire bush:(Hamelin Patens) An enormous amount of energy gets released into your body when you start to be really honest with yourself. After you’ve transformed the energetic pattern within you — your energy shifts. When this shift is powerful enough your vibration resonates differently with the people you used to connect with. By expanding your perspective and think broader you can remain true to your real ideals.

IMG_3525Fireworks:(clerodendrum quadriloculare) Through expansion you can go back to a time of pure innocence. It connects you to the things you love by reconnecting you to your true worth. Brings you to a state of enjoyment in it’s true form.


White Frangipani 5x5

Frangipani:( Plumeria) Taking responsibility for everything that goes wrong around you. It brings self deceit to the light as it cleanses your energetic field of distractions from outer sources. The right use of your power creates a deep sense of inner peace.

Yellow elder 5x5Gold star Esperanza:(Tecoma)Corrects mis-qualified or negative energies present in a person a space or a group. It restores your perception by reconnecting you to the memory  that you are not separate from yourself. This allows for disputes with others to dissolve.

Guyana chestnut flowerGuyana Chestnut:(Pachira aquatic)Forges a new path by  teaching us that giving up the past once all lessons have been understood. The old has to  fall so the new can rise. A new way emerges in which your true knowledge can thrive.

Light Wood 5x5

Geiger:(Cordia sebestena)Lifts spirit when one has reached a low point in life. Reorganizes thoughts which separated the mind’s truth from the heart.


 IMG_3245Heliconia: (psittacorum) Perseverance. Justifying someones actions. Gives insight when you are trying to skip an aspect by trying to avoid it. Wanting improvements, but we don’t really because those improvements would create an alchemical change in our body that we are afraid to go through.


Heliopsis: a glimpse into the great unknown leaves you with a complete feeling of happiness and trust. All fall into place at the right time.

hibiscus lo resol 1x1

Hibiscus:(Rosa-sinensis)Judgment disconnects you from true feelings regarding your true wants and needs.  Moving through positive and negative emotions reconnects you to your real feelings with the awareness you can chose to respond to love.

IMG_2586Horse nettle:(Solanum carolinense) Become defenseless. Don’t fight yourself and your  emotions about self. You are exactly where you need to be.  See the fantasy in relationships with  the stories  you create to glorify a situation.

IMG_3361Iris:(Trimezia sp.) Refining soul expression. Creative forces interwoven with the lives lessons is what shaped you today. It is a part of why you are able to do what you do. Your perceived flaws interwoven as a whole creates a complete balance of the expression of who you are.

Jacaranda: Calling for alignment with your truth and power by bringing your sexual energy in sync. Streamlines and strengthens energy loaded vibrations by activating  spiritual pleasure in sex. When in sync physically  you can  bond spiritually.

IMG_3321Lobster claw Heliconia:(Heliconia rostrate) Shows you if the choices you are about to make are for your highest good. It restores mental fragmented distortions on a cellular level by purifying the cells and sealing them once purified. It helps you be clear and discerning in your choices. Does this situation serve my highest good or set me back? It runs a scan for you like feeling antennas till a harmonizing match is found giving you the answer from the heart.

Mango tree

Mango: (Magifera indica)You will find it easier to maintain equilibrium and stay centered during times of chaotic world events. Brings a deep sense of contentment and well being you feel inner peace.


Madre de Cacao: (Gliricidia sepium)

When feeling obligated to take on the responsibility for someone else’s suffering, you find ourselves cheating us  of our own  growth experiences. Re assuring you can rely on your inner dependance  related to  your alluring feminine beauty. Take responsibility for your own happiness without needing confirmation from the outside.

Nanche tree bloosomNanche Tree:(Brysonima crassifolia) For when the going gets rough and the need to consciously take personal responsibility by showing compassion towards individuals who are forcing change on humanity through brainwashing.

IMG_2587Noni: When you let the mind direct you to drama outside of self.  It centers you back into your heart.  By  centering into yourself your core  gets smaller.  As your core  becomes smaller you rich a higher state of awareness and your energy expands.

Oleander 5x5 (1)Oleander: (Nerium) Restores faith in finding your true voice by letting go of the side you do not want others to see. Expressing your needs by setting healthy boundaries enhances your self worth.

orange Ioxora 2

Orange Ixora: (Coccinea)Adjusts interactions within your relationships so the dynamics shift and you can help each other grow and evolve in unity. How you really relate to sex triggers a reaction  that serves as a catalysts to bring to the surface our fears and anxieties passed on through our genes.

IMG_3548Palmetto: Guidance during awakening process.  When wisdom of ancient times from  another civilization is  awakened in you it supports  you  to tap into the universal healing energy of our interconnected structure what one also calls the ” grid”.

Papaya 5x5

Papaya : (Daucus carrot)Dissolves tension or power struggles in relationship within yourself.

Passionflower 5x5 Passion Fruit: (Passiflora)  When external identifications  fall away they leave only what is truly important.  It keeps you in balance during the process of discovering  or re- inventing yourself.

Arachi 5x5

Peanut flower essence: (Arachis glabrata)When feeling a passive, do-nothing period  when no longer in the grip  of a negative energy pattern. Peanut is for after you received insight into a particular pain enough  and where able to change the situation.


Petunia :(Hybrid)   The big picture will show when the trivial stuff is let go.

IMG_3509Plumbago:Takes you to explore natural and universal law as opposed to man made laws. Understanding a change in course  sets the perfect stage for the outcomes that come out of it. Helps in making life choices that support the gifts you came here to share with the world.

Prickly Pear

Prickly Pear:(Opuntia) Understanding the  chaotic changes on our earth  are part of the dismantling of our old perceptions. Through authentic contact within yourself self renewal will arise. It restores value for the self which increases your capacity to respond to changing realities in a balanced manner.

IMG_2546Railroad vine: (Ipomoea pes-caprae)Change for the better. When you devote your time to a wrong cause try to justify with the mind what no longer works it gently guides you back. It helps make it easier to manifest positive outcomes in all situations.

ginger lo rezRed ginger:(Alpine purperata) Trust your own feelings. Afraid to say no to someone.

rubber tree with flower

Rubber fig:(Ficus elastic )When it is time to let go of old outworn patterns. It allows for flexibility during the release process.

shell_gingerShell Ginger:(Alpine zurumbet) Allowing someone to invade your space. It releases outdated agreements so new uplifting relationships can enter your space.

Silk Mimosa 5x5Silk tree mimosa:(Albizia julibrissin) Helps you see the beauty in all situations. Releasing heaviness.

Spider lily 5x5 (1)Spider Lily:(Hymenocallis)Helps you find relationships and connections that enhance and support you.

 Schomburgkia Orchid 5x5Schomburgkia Orchid: (Myrmecophila tibicinis) When trapped emotions and memories are  triggered in a  negative structure we go in survival mode. Restores deep traumatic confusion bringing positive resolutions to conflicted people who can not find a way to the light.

tika_palmThrinax radiate: For developing new mind expansions. Opens means of communication and connection with the universe at large from the heart without restriction. Helps to hone your skills with help from unseen forces.

Thunbergia grandiflora 5x5Thunbergia:-purple (grandiflora) You are deserving of loving yourself

Almond flowerTropical almond: By accepting all of your being as perfect you bypass human obstacles.

begonia 5x5White angel Begonia: (Odonata var. alba)Energizes and refreshes the energy around you so a positive energy can flow naturally. If you have to take a break it will remind you when it is time to stop.

IMG_3267Wedelia (paludosa) An exploration on your journey. Discovering what works and what doesn’t in relationships without the social pressure of what its expected.

IMG_3510Wool flower: (Celosia Caracas) When one has a distorted idea about what “spirituality” means. It helps break down the wall you’ve created in your life through holding on to fear-based limiting thoughts so you can realize the stream of consciousness to fully become your authentic expression.

 Hudson Valley Series
99 flowers essences created from the flowers that grow in the woods amongst streams and waterfalls of the Hudson Valley in NY.

Amanita Formosa mushroom (2)Amanita Formosa: Sadness and nostalgia of what you lost over the ages rises and is replaced by joy.  Living in joy raises your vibration to a natural state of being filled with joy. Positive thought form draws abundance and opportunities into your life.

Amur Privet 5x5 (1)Amur Privet: (Ligustrum amurense) Detaching from your own feelings but seeing your problems outside of yourself in other people. You are perfect the way you are.

Arugula 5x5Arugula:(Diplotaxis murales) Persistence with compassion for the self as you adjust to the new ways by  letting of the victim attitude is the only way to step into your power. Let trust be  your guide you as you yield to the change in and around you.

Azalea LO REZ

Azalea: Slow down. Restless of wanting things to change to fast. Cleanses your energetic fields after a long time of denying your Divine power. Magical awakening of your gift in which lies your power happens in perfect timing.

 Balloon flower:(Platycon) After an outburst  the  truth  can come to the surface.  It balances extremes between true giving and receiving so it becomes your strength allowing for  a natural boundary to  manifest.

black eyed susan 5x5

Black eyed Susan: (Tetratheca Ericifolia)Brings the joy of love for yourself  back without fear of paying a price.

Birdsfoot Trefoil 5x5Birds foot Trefoil: (Lotus Corniculatus) Let go so that the traumas around separation from yourself surface. Brings understanding around true support with a healthy choice in relationship through authentic love for the self.

Bladder campion 5x5Bladder Camion: Saying it’s ok how someone treats you yet down inside you do not have the courage to say it is not ok.Knowing what your own personal values are brings positive expectations within all your relationships.

boneset researchBoneset:Keeps  you in balance as you adjust to the new way of being as your spiritual truth emerges.

brocolli (1)Broccoli: Shifts the energy by bringing the insight to drop trying to dominate a situation or others through control of power.

purple butterfly bush 5x5-2Butterfly Bush: Adapt to new ways of being with ease. When you  already know what is not in your  best interest  yet are hoping things will change for the better. Opens the door to be able to let that go and move on with ease and flow that feels natural and harmonious.

Catalpa treeCatalpa: (Catalpa Bignonioides) You are loved for who you are and not for how others want you to be.


Canadian Thistle 5x5Canada Thistle:(Cirsium arvense) Interactions with family are for the purpose to assist in healing karmic lessons. Invite the protection around the sensitivities of living in light by remaining strong and alert in your heart as karmic life time lessons are acknowledged and balanced.

catnipCatnip: (Nepeta catarrh  A series of sequences  are meant to help you see beyond your fears. Lessons from all our lifetimes become available step by step as we remember our skills through the connection to our higher conscious. As the old gives way to the new, trust that all is unfolding exactly as it should.

chicory 5x5Chicory: Makes you see your basic goodness. Recognize it within yourself and you will recognize it in another.

chionadoxa (1)Chionadoxa: (forbesii) Follow the guidance which is here to assist as you adjust to the merging  your dual sides. Exchange of communication through light energy creates the expanded vision for the earth new reality. Collectively you have the power to create truth from a place of love for all on the planet.

columbine 5x5Columbine: Where once you disconnected from your purpose in order to survive. Helps to overcome difficult inner as well as physical challenges you created yourself  that stopped you from evolving further.

Comfrey: Confused about what is wrong and what is right creates emotional chaos. Collective intentional suppression on humanity is dismantled.

Bull thistleCommon Thistle:(Cirsium vulgare) The gate keeper is in side you and it is ok to say no to another and set yourself first by taking care of your own needs.

Whitecosmos1.5x1.5Cosmos:( Cosmos bipinnatus) Brings back the inner voice into your soul.  Rebirthing communication with your celestial soul.

Cinnamon Fern 5x5Cinnamon Fern: (Osmundastrum cinnamomeum) Clears all that stands in the way of living your soul’s destiny.

white crocus 5x5Crocus: Tension is release. It restores confidence allowing you to feel admiration for who you are through self respect. Your heart and life becomes meaningful and invested in things that are good.

daffodil 5x5 2Daffodil: (Narcissus) Shift and raise the bar on the possibilities of a higher potentials turn personal gain into collective gain. Share your qualities in order to receive what you truly need from your society.

dandelionDandelion: (Taraxacum) Patience with yourself and others as your transformed cleansed heart softens to allow love not separate from the self to assimilate on a cellular level.

Dill: Through expansion you elevate your consciousness above the chaos of the denser 3D world. The love you bring to others comes from expansion within.

dogwoodDogwood Tree: (Cornus Florida) Those that feel morally obliged to selflessly benefit others out of loyalty while neglecting their own personal well being. You are perfect as you are and it is safe to stand up for yourself.

EchinaceaEchinacea: Frustrated because you are not feeling understood. When others do not see the same is not important. Reconstruction of your inner world helps you to be dependent on yourself.

Elecampane: Helps reach new levels of trust without needing validation outside of yourself. Frees soul destiny so your natural gifts can mature.

Forget me notsForget me Not: (Myosotis) Open your heart and you will see beyond the eternal. Merge with all dimensions as you connect to all of life.

Forsythia 5x5Forsythia: Accept your true power by focusing on the positive of what you want to create. Open your heart to receive as you set ego aside. Instead of doing you start to Be. Abundance flows by matching the denser vibration of security to a higher vibration of freedom.

FoxgloveFoxglove: (Digitalis ) Brings back the joy in your heart through self acceptance as a whole. You are complete. Reconnects you to the knowledge you are worthy of receiving love.

Garlic flower hi rezGarlic: (Allium ursinum) Sheds light on unresolved emotional issues you are not as commonly in touch with. It clears the path before you for the new to come into manifestation while experiencing your life in a more joyful and harmonious.

Clary sageGermander:(Teucrium chamaedrys). When transformation overload throws you of balanced. It protects you from too much happening to fast allowing to live in truth and love to fall into place in a balanced way.

Goldenrod1.5x1.5Goldenrod: (Solidago)Purifies outdated agreements which enables you to move forward in order to rise above your limitations. The perception of living in earnest transforms all to a positive outlook. Un-masks all which is not in truth for humanities evolution into the new world reality.

golden_yarrowGolden Yarrow:(Eriophyllum confertiflorum) When helpless sympathy allows other peoples energy to attach to your field. It bounces the energies that do not belong to you back to the quantum field in order to be neutralized on all levels throughout space and time.

Greater Celandine: When you are pushed beyond your comfort zone and  inner turmoil is seen as devastation. It is a reminder for you that this is an opportunity for you to step into a new comfort zone bringing you to a higher calling.

ground ivy 5x5Ground Ivy: (Glechoma hederacea) Keeps  your focus off the drama taking place in the world as well as in our personal environment. Cleanses the energy field around you during chaotic times to protect you from being affected by outer happenings.

Hosta: (Kiyosumiensis)Gives insight how deeply affected you where by an others decisions beyond your control.

Hdrangea 5x5Hydrangea(Macrophylla):Completes all the missing pieces.  When there is more than one component to the untangling of the issue. “ I am complete , one with all. There is no separation”

Purple Bearded Iris 5x5Iris: (Douglasiana)By being true to yourselves you can embrace your creative role from a state of unrestricted freedom from where your gifts will blossom.

Joe Pye weed 2Joe Pye weed:(Eupatorium purpureum) Others agenda’s no longer affect you or pulls you of center. It creates room for you to feel the kind sensitive softness inside of you so it becomes your power.

Ladies mantle: Acts as a shield from too much of the higher frequencies to be absorbed at once. This new energy that you are feeling lay dormant in all of humanity and is awakened. Conscious activation of these energy causes nervous tension within your body because it is new to your body.

LavenderLavender:(Lavendula) Take this after a deep traumatic healing took place that changed your reality causing  shock or overwhelm to the system. It comforts when the energy field is overwhelmed and unbalanced with the new way and needs time to absorb the scope of the change. Allows the integration process to take hold before moving on.

Larger Bindweed: (Calystegia septum)Redirect intentions toward fulfilling self.  Purifies your motives and intentions.  It completes the process of becoming one with self  bringing  inner  joy without entanglement of outer agendas.  As thought form aligns with your positive intentions it merges the awareness we are all interconnected.

White lilacLilac:(Siringa vulgaris) When hard lessons have been admitted to and  overcome and meant to  awaken us to lives teachings. It gives insights of what we had to learn. When looking  back you come to realize there would not have been a better way to learn what we needed to see.  Accepting  fault within the self can now become the leap of faith. This will act as a catalyst for the greater growth of your conscious soul to share your  light. It helps you to fully awaken to the powers I posses in joy and gratitude.

Lily Stella D' Ora 5x5Lily Stella D”ora:(Hemerocallis) It is more painful to hide your true nature than to be vulnerable who you really are. Listen to your inner voice,allowing it to speak to the depth of your own heart and soul. Lily Stella d”oro will stand by you as you step into the light and reveal who you are.

Lily of the Valley 5x5Lily of the Valley: (Convallaria majalis) When you hold on to the negative past because it has become your identity.  On an unconscious level you do not want positive change because it threatens what you identify yourself with. You do not believe in the positive in your life or in the power you possess. The choice you have is also  to let go of the past and identify yourself with the positive. A new dawn for you to create a positive world starts with you.

Loosestrife 1.5x1.5Loosestrife (Lythrum salicaria)  It re-balances your views towards yourself and others by restoring trust.  Anxious fear based nervousness dissolves enabling you to reach a deeper level of peace, appreciation and fulfillment with compassion for yourself. Self approval helps release the suspicion so that those around you can reflect their best intentions back to you.

white lotus 5x5Lotus:(Nymphaea alba) The revealer of stored  wisdom you forgot you possessed. You are the bearer of your inner light. Every aspect of you is connected to all that is with this and other dimensions. Experience feelings of increased tranquility and heightened awareness. Moments of anguish dissolve and melt away. Assists in seeing past and future timelines. It encircles the Universe in every direction in order to clarify your fullest potential.

mayappleMay apple:(Podophyllum) Brings hope in the middle of the dark night of the soul. Caught between your old way of living  and this  seemingly unreachable realm of higher consciousness  till finally your ego drops away.  Returns light and joy within your soul. You will stand in light,  free and transformed. Accepting who you are creates peace of mind bringing you in your personal power.

Milkweed 5x5Milkweed: (Asclepias incarnate) Low expectations of self due to a karmic imprint. It releases trapped emotions that attract condescending behavior towards you of how another expects you to be.  Looking for approval outside of the self is replaced by self approval of who you are. Relationships or circumstances not for your highest good drop away or adjust to healthy interactions through mutual respect.

Moneywort: Catch the magic. Fill the cup as you see fit. Your light shines in the midst of denser energy. A beacon when things get jammed up. Your inner source will lead the way and show you that your worth is inside you.

Mugwort: It goes to the deeper layers of your unconscious when you are in a dream state. It takes to the root of a core issue without always having to know where it all began. It is so relaxing it eases the ever active thinking patterns into a deep relaxed state of soft positive rest. Enjoy the quietude of the present moment. A sense of being safe with the self brings a deep sense of calm. The urgency of daily lives tasks becomes more objective.

Mullein plant 1.5x1.5Mullein:(Verbascum) It brings you in touch with yourself through silence. Taking the time to be silent, enables you to access the source of your inner knowledge by quieting the mind. You can trust yourself completely once you understand you already possess all the knowledge you need inside yourself. Keep excelling to new heights.

norway_spruceNorway Spruce:( Picea babies) When family dynamics pull you back into their old patterning. Times have changed and the structure of our ancestors family dynamics need assistance to unravel so they too can adjust. Without trying to change family members a pathway towards reconciliation and positive growth is created within  family interactions by shifting the vibration from your own center.

Twosidedwintergreen1.5x1.5One-sided winter green: (Orthilia second) Gives insight into a  re-occurring  encounter  that is meant to teach you what it is that needs to surface. Expanded awareness of a destructive psychological pattern becomes seen for what it is. It helps  break the pattern so you can acknowledge the discomfort, fear or sadness it brought about.

Pansy 5x5Pansy: (Viola tricolor) Fear of being held responsible for saying no while disappointing people. Trust in every situation what is right for you as you stay in your power and step into the light. Energized and uplifted you know you can trust all is already present in your heart. Surround yourself only what you know to be truth as you move into this new reality. Purifies the soul of self condemnation.

pearPear: (Pyrus)  Reconnect to your heart and recognize you are loved for who you are.  By being true to your beliefs from your heart you restore the natural flow of prosperity. Trust all your needs will always be met. Shows  you a new way of being by connecting with the part of you that is real.

IMG_2295Pickerelweed: (Pontederia cordite)Bypass anything that holds you back from raising  your vibration to new levels. It is time to move forward. Those that stay  behind will catch up another time or choose to quicken their pace to walk by your side. New encounters that match your pace.

Periwinkle 5x5Periwinkle: (Vinca) Releases the pressure you place on yourself by disguising your vulnerable side. Have the courage to reveal your true nature in speaking  your truth with a pure heart.

PhloxPhlox: (Maculta)  Gives insight that environmental cleansing happens to create oneness for all. Teaming up in synchronicity within all dimensions becomes effortless peaceful and joyful. Frees space so the denser world of duality becomes more transparent. New opportunities and new ways of being  arise once you remember who are and what you came here to do.

Pink Lady Slipper: strips away negative emotion brings u back to your pure inner beauty as it was always intended.

Pink Yarrow 5x5Pink Yarrow. Identifying with what exists outside of you has made you feel unsafe. Awakening to the real honest truth is accomplished through living with a soft heart where you allow your vulnerable side to show as well.

Plantago Major 5x5Plantain: Figures out for you what you cannot untangle with the mind. It bridges  all dimensions. Not able to show true colors out of fear of disapproval.

Queen Anne lace 5x5-2Queen Ann’s lace: Brings any lie you tell yourself to the surface. It balances and creates a genuine connecting flow into all your interactions. Incorporate your inner feelings with the outer world without having to adjust or present a different picture from the truth of who you are. Your interactions start to take place in honesty, sincerity and transparent. Followed by the  realization that we are all participating in this cosmic evolution together.

red_bud_treeRed Bud Tree: (Cercis canadensis) Offers an opportunity to  re writing contracts with people.  Genuine acceptance of yourself  begins a new cycle within long lasting relationships. Moving out of a dysfunctional pattern so a stale relationship can blossom or dissolve with ease.

skunk cabbage 5x5Skunk Cabbage: (Symplocarpus foetidus)Excellent during these times of transition. Old stale energy you held on to as a security blanket yet clog the system is cleansed by Skunk Cabbage. Let go of the familiar that does not serve you any longer. Clearing of stagnant energies in your system allows room for a fresh start with a positive mindset.

red_cloverRed Clover: (Trifolium pratense) A purifier that helps  remove doubt of  making the wrong choice.  Returns you to trust your choices leaving room for more energy.

spotted_knapweedSpotted Knapweed: (Centaurea macula)Assists in  surrounding yourself with a community of support by spiritual law of attraction to help bring light on earth for all. Rise above old ways of thinking. Perception based on fear creates lack of courage.  Rise up to a new level of co-operation and creation.

Star of Bethlehem 5x5Star Of Bethlehem: (Ornithogalum umbellatum)When  you feel the heart tug because  it is ready to move to the new dimension. Helps to  release its last blocks still held by control of the old. A calm and serene feel overcomes you giving you the  courage to integrate positive growth through the heart connection enabling you to reach a higher dimension.

Sugar Maple 5x5Sugar Maple:(Acer saccharum) When feeling challenged by the dual nature of the world we live in. It is the harmonizer and stabilizer in times of loss of focus resulting in chaos in your lives. Duality is meant to be managed.It has a grounding effect so you are better able to manage the teachings found in duality so you can be effective in using your inner power.

sunflowerSunflower:(Helianthus) The sun — the purifier-talks to your spirit in joy. You have reached the point in which you can choose to step out into the new world reality in order to live in love and light. Self worth enhancer.

spatterdock lily-Spatterdock Lily:(Nuphar polysepala)
Stagnation dissolves as you connect with the natural rhythms of the earth. Ease into the cycle of transformation while anchoring your personal unfolding in a slow grounding manner.

Purple podded pea 1.5x1.5Sweet pea:(Pisum sativum) Show your power. Do not make yourself less.

toadflax (1)Toadflax: (Linaria vulgaris) When a part of you that wants to stay hidden because you are conditioned to be afraid of a certain way of being. Suppressing consciousness in favor of social conditioning.It releases karmic memories around being emotionally indebted in order to survive.

red trillium 5x5Trillium: (Trillium erected)Brings complete integration of the mind, heart, body, and spirit into one pattern of light.  Helps look to new experiences in different ways with  optimism . This  will bring about positive effects and opportunities.


red trumpet vine 5x5Trumpet vine:(Campsis radicals )When dismissing your own needs. A chalice to be filled with all the love you posses inside of you.


Trout Lily:(Erythronium americium)
Brings your relationship with yourself into a new alignment by forgiving the past. It  neutralizes self  judgment and resistance so you can move  towards deep acceptance of who you are. Recognize nothing yourself how you would like others to see you.

White Magnolia 5x5White Magnolia: Purifies your thoughts swiftly to positive expectations. It brings calming, gentle and nurturing transforming energy.


White Chestnut5x5White Chestnut: Helps suspend the habit of distraction. When you allow the mind to create a story to distract us from facing our true power. It quiets the mind allowing the bigger picture to present itself.


White Peony 5x5White Peony: It removes illusion or deception that held you in a grip. Once broken deep healing can take place. It helps restore the harmony so you  can shine your light as it was always intended.


Whitepine1.5x1.5White Pine: Have compassion and tolerance in your heart for yourself when you see truth of all situations. Brings in light energy that softens  the heart. Returns the joy in the things you wan to do.


willow tree in bloom 5x5Willow:(Salix caprea)
Be the change. Doing your part will make others consider looking into themselves and follow the lead. Through your individual actions within the worlds interaction, you become part of a web of positive growth for the collective.

witch_hazelWitch-hazel:(Hamamelis) Activates the full expression of your personal freedom. Be comfortable with the unrestricted power you posses. Trust you have the strength to change the course and take responsibility for the self in times of beginnings and transformation.

Orange Zinnia hi rezZinnia:Alleviates accumulated heaviness that turned into emotional tensions over the ages. When internally you feel  unsafe to express your joy. It transmutes negative associations when feeling joyful.  Everything you do becomes joyful.

A unique collection of 13 essences from across the globe came together during my travels. Being in a different environment at times can be the final push to take the leap of faith. Brings a fresh outlooks on life as your inner hidden treasures surface.

Apple of Sodom lo rezApple of Sodom: It illuminates lies and deception.

Aspen sunflower 5x5Aspen Sunflower: (Research) Helps unlock many puzzling motor skill imbalances which do not respond to obvious treatment.

IMG_3116Bicolor Lavender Blush: (Phalaenopsis Orchid)Precious strong steadfast point of light bridges all obstacles and assists in  clearing the way. The spirit of the universe holds you in your heart.

Bleeding heart

Bleeding Heart:(Lamprocapnos spectabilis)It releases you from feeling trapped.  Through the  high heart  you reconnect to lifetimes from where  you remember pure love comes from within.

Brazilian Butterfly VineButterfly Vine: (Ugandese)When you repose a new level of heightened consciousness becomes  easy to attain. Peace settles, all flows as the to do list seemingly evaporates. Effortlessly you have arrived in a place where being becomes the norm.

Desert Agave (2)

Century Agave:(Americana)Discomfort comes from suppressing your true identity. Allowing suppression of emotions to finds expression eases friction. When your darkness  s revealed you can reveal your light.

Cow Parsnip:(Heracleum sphondylium)Takes you to a place in this life where you did stand up for yourself. Emotional awareness and connectedness are balanced once again returning to a sense of inner strength. Returns joy to life.

Mullein plant 1.5x1.5Evening Primrose:(Oenothera) Re-connects with the love for self.

Hops 5x5Hops:(Humulus lupus  Quantum cleansing. 
Maintains the stability of the human body’s internal environment in response to humans changing conditions.

LupineLupine:(Lupinus latifolius   When fear is being deliberately promulgated and got  stuck. Frees the latent abilities.  Actualization in making your dreams come true.

Lodge Pole pineLodgepole Pine:(Pinus contort)Here to  rectify  the ills and transgressions from religious, political and male dominance that created a distorted reality about your true power. Assertion and spoken truth eases the transition bringing the full reality  into view.

pearPlum:Getting to the depth of the buried fear that controls you by acknowledging your darker side will make you blossom!

Grand Sequoia hi rezSequoia : (Sequoiadendron giganteum)A grounding stabilizer to bring harmony to mankind and  throughout the universe.