December 1, 2020
Tune your energetic biofield with Sycamore 

When I began listening to flowers for the new times it was all very non linear at the time. But I knew not to underestimate the value of these natural laws that rested in the flower codes when their wisdom poured down. I listened from deep within and wrote flower notes non stop for days that wasn’t so coherent at the time. I also follow the non linear track up close and personal that has me creating my own trail while traveling in my trailer these past 8 month full time.
Traveling from place to place is revealing much and simplifying more each step of the way. There’s a freedom of a very different kind in it. I’m discovering that this moving from place to place serves to break attachments so that a natural opening to the quantum field is the free flow opportunity to explore. However non linear these dots connect for me it’s becoming easier to no longer question where the next step leads. I can do my work from magical places and connect close to earth for support and nurturing when needed. It's not how or what I expected - to travel this #sacredearth this way. I love it but the understanding of the universe Ninth Wave by helped  take the leap that put the dots together. 

It's the wisdom that rests inside of all of us, not just me, that allows me to jump and leap as #quantumtouch describes it. It’s not something to do but something to live that happens randomly, never planned.  To keep up I do get pushed on to uncomfortable levels so that the urge to go break that next pattern becomes the relief. It’s pretty uncomfortable at times. On and on many of us are individually breaking new ground to help shape a #newpath  unified creation. 
I must remind myself that I need to honor and care of this body of mine that’s working pretty hard to stay balanced and needs help to find it’s bearings too. 

As we see here I am embraced by the Sycamore vibration for rejuvenating and nurturing support my stressed body feels from these rapid shifts of late. I visit this park near the Pinnacles for that R &R, never knowing it till I get there what it is I need. 

 Meanwhile I also continue to develop my sensing. Learning to feel when I am on an uplifting new track or on an old timeline- no longer needed. Connecting in ways  to uplift while not looking for sameness in another then appears. It seems I am being shown more how to look for the gift of the difference in one another and let that shine the way on. I suspect I am not alone. 

For those who have eyes that know let these flowers and that bursting spring pollen seed show each step. For those wanting to develop the senses further there's a gift for you here: 
 I - Tune  says Sycamore! Yes, this magical tree shows me she will like to transmit that fine tune of hers to your digital device. Sycamore invites you to Synch with it from the higher heart -while  I serve to bring nature to your screen. There's a transmission in it and Sycamore merges with a Tune. Ask what your body needs and find out!  Can you hear it in your heart? Ease in and listen…  Sita Ram. 

An Lafleur
'Guardian of the Sacred Earth'

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