December 9, 2020
I worked with Annemarie during the pandemic and found immeasurable solace in our sessions. Through her work and her flower essences, obstacles and patterns from childhood, that were fixed and keeping my spirits dampened and weighed down were dissolved. I now process experiences in a compassionate and heart centered way. Not always emotion but so much light is illuminating my way. The work with Annemarie is subtle and graceful, just like the flowers that come forth in sessions to elucidate the wisdom that is bubbling forth. In a recent session, Annemarie was able to coalesce my dreams, signs and messages and to connect the dots in a way that was understood in a deeper way, by passing the mind. She translates from a wise place and brings clarity that resonates in one’s subtle bodies. I am so grateful to be free from the constraints of old habits and ready to embrace the new!
Thank you Annemarie Sahrlight!
With gratitude and love,