Here is what people have to say: 

I worked with Annemarie during the pandemic and found immeasurable solace in our sessions. Through her work and her flower essences, obstacles and patterns from childhood, that were fixed and keeping my spirits dampened and weighed down were dissolved. I now process experiences in a compassionate and heart centered way. Not always emotion but so much light is illuminating my way. The work with Annemarie is subtle and graceful, just like the flowers that come forth in sessions to elucidate the wisdom that is bubbling forth. In a recent session, Annemarie was able to coalesce my dreams, signs and messages and to connect the dots in a way that was understood in a deeper way, by passing the mind. She translates from a wise place and brings clarity that resonates in one’s subtle bodies. I am so grateful to be free from the constraints of old habits and ready to embrace the new!
Thank you Annemarie Sahrlight!
With gratitude and love,

Susan Malfitano

New York NY

Annemarie is a brilliant, flower-loving intuitive. She walks her talk! We truly are blessed to have her doing this work! What she is offering with her work is so much more than she would ever mention or that she advertises. It’s easy to understand if you’ve ever tried to sell your own personal work… Working with Annemarie is definitely a partnership as with any form of therapy. You have to be willing to do the work, AND you need to be open to allowing someone else into your ‘field’. However, she has quite a bit of an advantage than a typical therapist – the flowers speak to her. So, not only do you have a human devoted to your highest good and growth, but you have the help of so many flowers!! It is such a treat!! During our sessions, I often resonate with just about everything that comes up, and if there’s something that doesn’t resonate, it just needs a little bit of a reframe and then it ends up being true! I leave our sessions often feeling so expansive, knowing more of my self than I did before our session, and full of hope and excitement for what was revealed, cleared, and/or integrated. I started off with one session here and another there, only to find that I love sessions with her and I get so much out of them, that I now meet with her weekly! I cannot emphasis enough how much Annemarie has helped with my growth!! And many times it is a LOT of fun!!

Cristina Laskar LunasHerbals,

Arcata CA

Annemarie taps a wisdom of the plant and mineral kingdom that captures, in essence form, that which serves the soul growth cycle of each client — be they human or animal. Her intuitive precision opens doors and provides just the right elixir to promote balance and stimulate forward motion with healing awareness…right now. As a fellow healing practitioner, when Annemarie points a direction with her essences, I find it to be most accurate, providing a refined window on the appropriate healing direction.  Annemarie is a brilliant practitioner, not merely through training, but because she is truly of this realm.

Sarah McCroskey

Director, Bioenergy Balancing Center , Richmond CA

Dear Annemarie, Thank you for sharing your amazing gift with me! With each session I feel lighter and more optimistic that I finally will recognize my true self and be able to start living from my soul. I’m so grateful and send you a heartfelt embrace.

Ursula Schulte

Boston MA

Annemarie is an extraordinary healer. Her work with me personally has been profound. I had a breakthrough which is still unfolding on a very deep soul level. I would recommend her work without reservation to anyone seeking transformation.As the manager of the Omega Bookstore, I was also impressed by Annemarie’s professionalism. During our past season, she gave mini readings on the porch outside the store, where she chose flower essences for our guests and staff. People were very interested, and Annemarie somehow managed to create a safe space for them to do deep work in public! It was quite amazing. Please feel free to email me at jeanl@eomega.org if you have any further questions. 

Jean LaPlante

Bookstore Manager- Omega Institute, Rhinebeck NY

I’ve been taking the essences and I feel like you talk to me through them. It’s the most beautiful comforting and  supportive thing ever. You say things that know the core of the issue. I don’t know if I’m explaining it fully, I don’t know if I could. Just thank you for your work.  I just wanted you to know that it resonates and comes through.



I want to extend a heartfelt thank you for creating these sprays. One day I forgot to use mine and noticed a huge shift in energy.  I’ve loved your flower sprays for a while now. While on staff at Omega, I used to walk into the bookstore to smell them throughout the day (with friends who also loved them). Sometimes it was for a little pick me up, and sometimes it was desperately needed— so thank you for providing a unique way for people to heal themselves.

As someone who is very sensitive to smells and aromatherapy, these sprays are a game-changer.



Such a special blend of multiple sensations! My wonder of how you are inspired to create such wonderful combinations of flower/plants/herbs for different scents to inspire emotions and feelings so very well. This one, “Loosen Up” is light and positive and makes Me imagine all the beautiful places these flowers grew up and how many different ways they can be used for the betterment of humanity! I think you’ve got it down! It’s really unexplainable to me but the results are my true trust in you for composing the combinations of pure floral influences on a persons wellbeing, intuitively. Congratulations on being yourself, a unique person of wonder and spirit.
With All My Love and Best Wishes,
Thank You!!

Constance Mc Camant

Sun Valley ID

Annemarie made me a believer in the beautiful energy flowers can bring you. I received a bottle from Annemarie at a period in my life when I was venturing down a new path. I felt in need of centering to avoid confusion and those little fears that would creep in. Annemarie knew just the combination I needed and I could feel the positive shift in  energy immediately. I felt so much more motivation and my creativity was enhanced as well. I will take a few drops whenever I feel a slump coming on and it is always just what I need. I am so grateful for this little help to keep me moving and keep me positive.

Kristin Haynes

Roatan – Honduras