Creative Flow
December 1, 2020
December 1, 2020
To be kind to ourselves is not as straightforward as it sounds on this road taking us to places we’ve never been. It’s non linear, riddled with the past over identification with the suffering of others, and the duty and guilt that so loves to hang on.
Forgetting our own needs no more. Our karmic cycle ended and that brings out much newness that might catch you off guard or not sure how to step into. Tired, moody, vulnerable are all part of this letting tow. Listen to your needs.
We are free and now the choice to stop fighting, forcing and demanding the outer has us looking at how to take care and set our own needs first. You might just not know how. Give yourself permission to set your own needs first. Maybe that’s a new realization but give it a try and see how it feels. It’s brilliant this new opportunity and also so hard to let the old habit go. Be soft with your self, nurture yourself says the sweet banana. While at it stick a Frangipane flower in your hair and don’t deflect or downplay your needs this round. How’s that for a mood changer?

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