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“Flowers began showing their wisdom to me on my walks in the woods. If I paid close attention, there was a teaching being revealed to me where the energy of flowers transmitted their vibration through mirroring. A more authentic, unwavering devoted new reality emerged over time.”

As a child growing up in the Netherlands, I had a deep connection to flowers and plants.

This fell to the sidelines when my family moved away from our hometown. We got to spend 2 great years living in Indonesia. In Asia, experiencing ceremony and honoring the sacredness of life had a deep effect on me.

The contrasting way of life between East and West when returning to the Netherlands was a shock to my system at the time.

Back in Holland, I attended many schools – with the main focus being on what I wasn’t great at.

Yet in hindsight, these mismatched attempts offered great life lessons.

By the time I turned 26 I moved to NYC for a year. I lived there for over 20 years, enjoying learning all about the arts while working as a chef.

I’d forgotten all about nature, and the material success took over.

In reality, I was a real people pleaser. Over the years, ignoring my own needs began to take a toll on me.

Being highly sensitive and empathetic added another layer to be uncovered.

When I turned 50 I was at a loss as to what to do with my life.

I left my career as a chef behind and embarked on a journey of self discovery.

It took time to rescript my life with lots of contemplation in nature.

Energetically, flowers began showing their wisdom to me on my walks in the woods.

Fortunately, I lived close to Omega, a holistic institute where I began teaching and developing my flower knowledge over the course of 3 years.

It was a fun and inspiring time to create in a supportive environment and open the door to the public for flower counsel. At Omega Institute is also where I developed and launched 7 flower energy space clearing blends. Today there are a few medicinal products added to the roster.

Flower vibrations became the model I use today to work with people who have already embarked on their true soul path.

There’s always more to discover when we re-align with nature on an ongoing journey.

To achieve a reciprocal relationship with the land on a personal, cultural and environmental level, I chose to move to California and travel nature spots in my caravan.

Living in nature this way continues to deepen my awareness with an interconnected web of support from various dimension.

Being connected to the land heightens my awareness on multiple levels, and the wisdom from the elders that lived here before me is vibrant.

There’s been an artist within me that has also had a chance to emerge. It’s been a delight to create Contemporary Flower pieces and share them with the world.

I see my own current life and a few more parallel lives to choose from as a way to evolve and empower others.

Navigating my life back into balance when following the guidance of flowers is how I became a flower vibration integration alchemist for these new times.

Flower Vibration Integration Alchemist
‘Guardian of the Sacred Earth’

Deepen your personal conscious evolution

Annemarie is an integrative vibrational intuitive who holds a container from where it is safe to feel inwards into exploring your inner knowing.

Through her powerful gift with nature, she provides you with tools that assist with personal transformation that open a natural flow into an expansive new direction.

She reflects your own wisdom and inner guidance back to you while using flowers as a mirror.

This deepens the connection to your higher selves, so you may truly embody your purpose on the planet.

When clearing our personal space, we create room to invite something new into our lives. It is important to be clear about what we are inviting into the space.
Set your intentions and manifest the highest and most loving good for you and the occupants of the space you are enhancing.
I love my work and serving my clients.
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