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Captures a contemporary approach to floral styling, creating free flowing botanical designs and installations. An intuitive flair is present in all of my creations, reflecting a close reading of the natural world, using flowers as the subject.

The many uses of flowers have always shown me multiple ways to express my true calling.

The energy of flowers is always with me. Looking at botany has been my guiding light from when I was very little.

Recently, I began creating art by using dried flowers and materials found in nature. It was a big surprise to discover the artist within. I couldn’t stop creating.

‘Harm to None’ is the principle I abide by, which still has its challenges.

Instead of glue, I use the resin drippings of pine trees without harming the tree.

Or I use a particular grass for tying bundles.

The flowers used have all been found naturally dried in the field and were picked at the end of the season.

Each work has a different nuance.

You might find a feather from a bird or an empty shell found on the beach, adding awareness to the abundance nature has to offer.

Allowing longevity of each work to take its natural course adds appreciation and meaning until it is time to let the work go. This can be a few months or years.

I’ll be delighted to share these creations with you.

Ask me to design a special piece for you. Be it a bouquet for a celebration or a holiday gift with your donation to match.

Harm to None


I am happy to discuss props for bigger projects such as photoshoots too.

Flower Vibration Integration Alchemist
‘Guardian of the Sacred Earth’
I love my work and serving my clients.
To support me, and my work, you can make a donation. Thank you!

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