Buy Sahrlight's space clearing and enhancing sprays

Get a coaching package and discover how getting in touch with nature will help you to come into alignment from with yourself.

Space Clearing Set
  • A sage smudge stick handcrafted in the Chumash mountains.
  • ‘Immunity’. A natural disinfectant cleansing spray.
  • ‘Borne Free’ A purification energy blend with flower essences.
at peace
Helps to create a peaceful space that subtly offers stress relief, making it a recommended enhancer for a peaceful inner sanctuary.
Clear your space on deeper subtle levels, bringing clarity prior to choosing the best option available for the next step forward.
Open up to create your own new horizon tapping into the full expression of your creative gifts.
Be in a safe space by using this blend – and sink into your inner heart space with ease so positive uplifting insights can emerge.
I am love
This divine space-enhancing blend is for opening new levels of consciousness. It allows the transformations of misaligned …
Helps one respond to the changes in the environment in a balanced and resourceful manner.
Serves as a compass, offering support in one’s direction. Letting go made easy as you go through challenging times.
borne free
Essential in re-ordering the energy system for new ways of adapting. Bring supportive encouragement into the space …
When major choices ask for a push of confidence. Here is a trust builder that lifts any doubts so you will not settle for less.
buzz off
Made with Organic Ingredients Buzz Off Spray is an organic natural Insect repellent that keeps ticks, mosquitos, and sandflies at bay.
green splash
First Aid Anti-Itch Ointment – Organic natural insect repellent infused with Plantago Major.
Cleansing Disinfectant Spray – Blended with botanical antimicrobial and antibacterial plant-based medicinal properties of Rose geranium and Rosemary.


Soul Coaching


The most important thing when thinking about how to re-shape our life is to choose the right fit. That is why I'm offering a 20-Minute introduction call. It's a one time free of charge offering.


If you have begun exploring alternative options on making the most of the next phase in your life, I hope you will take advantage of this offering and find out if this works is the perfect match for your soul growth.

If so, I look forward to co-creating a new path forward with you. If not, that too is a divinely perfect choice.

One-on-One Coaching

This hour with Annemarie will give great insights to help stand your ground while shedding light on how to be true to yourself versus trying to fit in.


Without changing who you are, you will be shown ways with more ease on how to strengthen your core heartfelt choices. You will become aware in this deeply supported process how to remain true to what you know is right for you.

We will map out a simple strategy that can allow you to be clear in your choices, create healthy boundaries, while learning how to stay true to yourself without feeling the need to please everyone.

4-week package

Every week we will meet on a phone call of 1 hour in length.

First, we reestablish the alignment within yourselves from a place of integrity by bringing energetic balance and harmony to the compromised areas of your life.

Gently we begin bringing forward your deeper subconscious while supporting and honoring the power of your creative gift.

Over the course of 4 weeks all falls into place without force while Annemarie guides you through an integration process where an energetic transmission of flowers helps you feel the spirit in everything. Inspiration will show the way forward from here… naturally.

Co- Create Shared Oneness Group

Go-Create together as One and Co -Create with the option to create your own group or join an existing group.
The focus being on nourishing, developing and expanding our individual unique inner knowing with softness and fluidity. This does allow each individual's unique contribution to lift each other to open everyone's senses further.

When you meet your needs first, you can use your gifts and contributions and connect them by combining them with others! This is how we are part of shaping and constructing an amazing uplifting web.

All along in this expansive state we are open to the pleasure of experiencing the embrace of joyful positive surroundings more fully and keep exploring the depth into the diversity of it all.

These are 8 weekly 60-minute Zoom calls over 9 weeks with a one-week break Mid way.

Each meeting has a central theme with a flexible approach to help ease into the cycle of transformation.

The power of the group calls builds on different experiences shared in conversation.

The 1-1 Coaching in person is to be scheduled within 10 weeks from the start of the course.

Scheduling an appointment:

Email to request a time that suits you.

Once the time is set, please send in your payment in order to confirm the date and time.

You will also be given a phone call on the day of your scheduled appointment. It is your responsibility to call the number provided on the scheduled time.

Payments in the form of PayPal, Venmo, personal checks, money orders, and cash.

Cancellation Policy:

24 hours notice is required if you can not make the appointment, in advance of your appointment or be prepared to pay in full.

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