I am Love


This vibration carries the activation of our inner light. It opens and fills our hearts with purity and innocence. A sweet reminder that the door is open for you, that welcome and belonging rests within your heart. It asks you to allow yourself to live where you belong. Each moment “ I am Love” guides you to respond from a place of love for your uniqueness that brings this journey to walk in unity. It creates room for the heart space to open so your unique blue print can shine. The reflection of this energy shows you the love for yourself in connection to all that is. Love is reflected back to you within your relationships and in all you do.

Temple of Philea, Passion fruit, Buttercup, Wool flower, Wisteria, Wedelia. Essential oils: Rose, Bergamot, Angelica and Basil.

SRAY THIS VIBRATION to emphasize the strength and value of your soft nature.


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Weight 2 oz