December 10, 2020
December 10, 2020

At Peace


Space enhancing spray.

Helps to create a peaceful space that subtly offers stress relief, making it a recommended enhancer for a peaceful inner sanctuary.

Facilitates one’s letting go of wanting things to be a certain way, reducing anxiety, and promoting peace in your heart. Brings calm, insightful stability into one’s life without forcing outer circumstances. In a relaxed manner alignment of events beyond your control can unfold in perfect time.

From this inward place, one naturally makes self-assured choices unique to one’s individual creative path. Excellent for shadow work, inner work, or dreamwork therapy.


Ingredients: harmonizing flower essence blend, essential oils of jasmine, lavender, wintergreen.

External use only. Shake vigorously before use. Use this vibration in a space to bring deep relaxation or create peaceful rest.



Mist with intent to harmonize your environment.

A note on essential oils from Egypt: These divine oils are pure extracts. The original essence of plants and flowers, extracted by the centuries-old tradition of saturation, a process of cold pressing the petals and plants in vegetable oil to extract the essence.

In combination with flower vibrations, these purest form of essential oils chosen in Egypt make them rare combinations of the highest vibration healing tools available.