At Peace


Helps to create a peaceful space that subtly offers stress relief, making it a recommended enhancer for a peaceful inner sanctuary.

At Peace

Recommended to enhance your outer space to create a peaceful inner sanctuary. From this inward place, one naturally makes self-assured choices unique to one’s individual creative path. Excellent for shadow work, inner work, or dreamwork therapy.

It also facilitates one’s letting go of wanting things to be a certain way. It reduces anxiety, promotes peace in your heart. It helps to bring calm, insightful stability into one’s life without forcing outer circumstances. In a relaxed manner alignment of events beyond your control can unfold in perfect time.

Ingredients: Harmonizing flower essences: Clerodendrum Ugandense, Mugwort, Mayapple, Passion fruit, Guyana chestnut. Essential oils of jasmine, lavender, wintergreen.

External use only. Shake vigorously before use. Use this vibration in a space to bring deep relaxation or create peaceful rest.


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