I am Love
December 10, 2020
December 10, 2020



Space enhancing spray.

A profound supportive blend helpful when digesting new impressions and maintaining inner balance during changes within your direct environment. Helps maintain balance within your direct environment when change is in the air. Gives the courage to allow your visions to manifest into full expression. It is a trust builder that helps to set your own needs first

Ingredients: harmonizing flower essence blend, essential oils of amber, lavender, lemon, and sandalwood

External use only. Shake vigorously before use. Mist with intent to harmonize your environment



Mist with intent to harmonize your environment.

A note on essential oils from Egypt: These divine oils are pure extracts. The original essence of plants and flowers, extracted by the centuries-old tradition of saturation, a process of cold pressing the petals and plants in vegetable oil to extract the essence.

In combination with flower vibrations, these purest form of essential oils chosen in Egypt make them rare combinations of the highest vibration healing tools available.