Discover the way forward with the help of flower integrative alchemy.


A session with flowers will help discover, strengthen and support your core values. During a flower energy session you will be taken into the depth of your unique blueprint. You’ll begin reaching deeper within and feel into uncharted territory while the process is supported with the vibration of flowers to help further your evolution.

All of the frequencies and patterns with which we have been born are designed to encourage our souls growth. These frequencies and patterns are reflected back to us like a mirror when falling in synch with the energy of flowers. That’s how it’s possible for full integration to happen so quick. It’s not complicated but it is non  -linear because a flower will look for what to bring back into balance first. Old patterns no longer of use will also become apart with more ease creating room for the new to come in.

 Flower vibrations contains the vibrational patterning that reflects and awakens parts of ones untouched human operating system into conscious awareness.  Wisdom that is already present within you begins to come forward. Flower integrative alchemy points the way inward beyond the minds conditioned beliefs. Flower vibration integration has the potential to bring us to a higher-level of service of our interconnected universal-humanness in synch with the electromagnetic field.


While the old programming in and around us falls apart we can choose to make use of the new higher vibrational energies and connect in new ways as well. We all have outworn patterns that must be broken down or altered in order to bring changes into our lives.

At times we forget that at the very same time we let go of something outdated we will always be shown where pathways are opening to point towards a new way forward as well.

Each step of the way we are presented with a choice. What direction to follow offers a choice that might contradict all you were led to believe. How we experience this process differs per individual. A breakaway is not easy and the dismantling of our old, conditioned beliefs will cause challenging and intense moments. Here is where the flower’s alchemical magic will really be of great assistance on how you can fully bring new expression into the world from the depths of your own personal innovative creative capacity.

Emotional Exploration

During this one-hour in-person consultation flowers can be seen as part of a recalibration of what is in resonance with your needs. A gentle heart keeps you on the pure path, a positive path. – Anyone who does not meet you on that path of your true identity can be lifted in this true light as well.


$145 per hour

4 Week Session

Flower Vibration Integrative Alchemy serves to activate and bring clarity to the deeper wisdoms resting in each individual’s soul. We meet weekly for 1 hour over the course of 4 weeks. Once you commit you can also expect gentle subtle yet deeply penetrating shifts within your daily interactions.


$525 for 4 Sessions


Taking a few drops of a flower remedy blend in combination with a session eases a state of neutrality that is otherwise difficult to find in our adrenal-fueled, chaotic world.

Each flower remedy has energetic properties that serve to create a perfect environment to transcend, uplift, and stay the course. 


Blends – $30

Quantum Flower Facilitation

Integrating the human experience with the quantum field combined with flower vibrations potentially transmit alternative possibilities back to you. This is a deep inward sensory experience where your higher knowing is directly aligning into your truth and light. Trust your inner knowing will guide the way to reveal the pathways of self remembering found in the deeper layers of consciousness.

$80.00 for 30 minutes


What to expect?

A session will be for 1 hour. At the beginning of the session which usually takes place remotely, we will set possibilities through intent for new ways to be shown in alignment with the highest possible good.

Your feeling nature will become activated on deeper levels. This can bring up a scope of emotions such a sadness, lighter,  heavy, or feeling giddy and joyful. It is suggested you take the time to relax after a session has finished.

Follow-up sessions are suggested and usually scheduled weekly or bi-weekly for optimal integration or breakthroughs. A session will sometimes run over the hour but will be no longer than 1 hour and 15 minutes.

How does it work?

Through a dowsing method using plant kingdoms’ wisdom of intelligence and guidance from various dimensions, one’s soul choices are revealed in steps. Flower essences are the main tool used to allow for the direction to unfold.

An will hold space that allows you to explore the way forward using flower vibrations to show the options available. In addition, various healing modalities may be used in order to assist with the untangling, releasing, and re-aligning of new information so one can return to a balanced state of your soul’s direction.

Results. In most cases, results are felt instantly in subtle ways bringing you a  renewed sense of conscious perspective. You can also have a sense of tiredness engulf your system. This is a natural part of the process as your body, cells, and energetic fields adjust.

It is not unusual to start getting insights or realizations out of the blue both in dream form or real-life experiences that can be felt like “aha” moments. As we work on various layers the expected topic might surface right away or later for others.

Ideas can now come to fruition. Believing in your power is what folds your creative powers into the flower of life.

Periodic sessions eventually are suggested depending on the depth of a layer we are working with.


Scheduling an appointment :

Email: to request a time that suits you. Once the time is set we ask you to send in your payment in order to confirm the date and time. You will also be given a phone call on the day of your scheduled appointment.

Cancellation Policy
Please notify us 48 hours in advance of your appointment or be prepared to pay in full.

We welcome payments in the form of PayPal, personal checks, money orders, and cash. Your mailing address should be included upon scheduling the appointment.

For all other inquiries, you may contact us