4-Week Package


Every week we will meet on a phone call of 1 hour in length.

First, we reestablish the alignment within yourselves from a place of integrity by bringing energetic balance and harmony to the compromised areas of your life.



Integration is a big part of this 4 week retainer. When becoming more integrated in the body and balancing naturally from within more energy becomes available. With it healthy relationship, clear focus at work, finding joy or creating abundance come into view. 

For integration to take hold we must recognize our patterns first.  We’ll use the sacred patterns found in the geometry flowers as a way of recognizing patterns in your life. Tuning and balancing creates a flow where the patterns we had not recognized before come into view.  You’ll be guided to listen to your feelings. Developing and trusting to follow your intuition is how your patterns can be found and integrated and make it possible to  break old patterns. Creating new patterns that are useful for our further evolution emerge as well. From there the gifts you hold within open up. 



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