Can you feel this love, this unity, this light, this amazing grace tonight? Wild onion asks us to be gentle on this journey. Each of us is learning the remembering all that we are at our own pace.    Conscious or not, with the front porch, lawn and back yard covered...


Trillium in the redwoods March 29, 2019 A walk in the woods tonight lit up by white Trilliums showed how a new cycle has once again begun. It is the white trilliums vibration guiding us today and providing strength to move forward with love in our hearts. Although we...

Azalea hug from Mt Shasta

Azalea is the nudge today that helps release negative energies without the battle that used to be the norm. The dark days in the redwoods and relentless rain had me go back to some demons of a past long gone. Lack of Vitamin D for sure but I needed some light. To...

Burning man

I might not agree with the beliefs of my lineage. But I can't deny it still is what shaped me. I can fight my past and get stuck in the story or .. I can turn it into my new future and take from it what is true to me. Leaving behind what I don't resonate with took...

Smoke Signs

Mt Shasta The smoke signs over Mt. Shasta ask us to tend to our own heart. I faced Mt Shasta from my camp site that morning on July 4th 2018. I was not alone. In peace and quiet under a stone where no one noticed she bloomed this Queen cup Lily. A new way is rising to...

I am here to help you override out dated conditioned beliefs and disconnect attachments from your field that are not in alignment with your souls journey.

Subtle profound shifts become palpable when using coded flower geometry energetically. All of us are currently moving into a “new vibration”.

This process is unique to our own personal experience within the universal evolutionary process. In the midst of breaking away from the old conditioning and becoming free of collective programming we can use all the help we need! Even if this seems hard to do, the shift does become easy when tuning into nature under guidance of the codes of flowers.

Or you might be the one that is ready to take it a step further and deeply connect to all that is. Allow me to be the facilitator as you travel beyond time and space. Experience the expansion with quantum consciousness. Break down the barriers and expand to a higher vibration to align you with everything and see that you are so much more.

IMG_6996 Flower Vibration Integration Facilitator

“Go beyond, be receptive for this is how change in the Universe occurs.”

- Angelica Lafleur