Co- Create Shared Oneness Group


Co-Create together as one and Co-Create with the option to create your own group or join an existing group.



The focus being on nourishing, developing and expanding our individual unique inner knowing with softness and fluidity. This does allow each individual’s unique contribution to lift each other to open everyone’s senses further.

When you meet your needs first, you can use your gifts and contributions and connect them by combining them with others! This is how we are part of shaping and constructing an amazing uplifting web.

All along in this expansive state we are open to the pleasure of experiencing the embrace of joyful positive surroundings more fully and keep exploring the depth into the diversity of it all.

These are 8 weekly 60-minute Zoom calls over 9 weeks, with a one-week break Mid way.

Each meeting has a central theme with a flexible approach to help ease into the cycle of transformation.

The power of the group calls builds on different experiences shared in conversation.

The 1-1 Coaching in person is to be scheduled within 10 weeks from the start of the course.

9 weeks – $275.00 per person. Including a 1-1 personal hour coaching.
Enrollment for this program is minimum of 6 to maximum of 10 participants.


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