Bitcoin journey with Flower vibrations



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We’d love to take A Bitcoin journey with you and hope you join this exciting co – created experience. Bitcoin Friend Matt and Flower Whisperer Annemarie join forces and are glad to bring to you this adventure.

Designed to gain wisdom, amplify our impact together, embrace shifts of consciouness, quantum leaps included and much more. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to learn about Bitcoin or test your adaptability to change with Bitcoin as a way of life. A holistic approach that explores moving into the next phase.  Come with an open mind and explore all possibilities in connection with the energetic geometry of flowers.

On a practical level Matt will share his expert advice on understanding Bitcoin in a new way. Setting up a Bitcoin wallet, choosing what is the right fit for you. On a soul level you’ll discover how the energy of Bitcoin enhances your sensing and takes you inward to feel into your inner wisdom with trust, discernment, right action, committed choice and take responsibility for your finances through the vibrational wisdom of flowers.

This is an 4 week- 90 -minute Zoom call offering.

Dates will be announced by the end of March.

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